The Best Match of 2021

for the third year in a row, I’ve been given the chance to vote on the Voices of Wrestling Best matches award for the third time. Because of this, I had to think about the best match that took place last year, and for me the choice was very easy, Omega vs. Danielson.

Wrestling fans waiting years for this match, and even some thought it would never happen due to Danielson employment with WWE and Omega’s career going into the direction of AEW. When Danielson signed with AEW, Omega was on the top of the list of dream matches involving AEW talent for Danielson.

Now let’s talk about the match. You knew this match was going to be special for the first 2 minutes, Omega and Danielson didn’t even tocuh each other and the stadium was at their feet, in a very similar situation of that of Rock vs. Hogan at WM x8. Two all time greats staring at each other. The commentary team also deserve a mention z because they help even more put into context why this match was a big deal and the epicness rust would follow

The match was physical and we saw why these two wrestlers are considered the best of the best. Omega and Danielson have natural chemistry with each other, this is not surprising if you saw their very funny PWG match of the triple threat matches they had in the past for ROH.

The match had so many awesome moments, but I love two specific moments. First, Omega’s running V-Trigger from the stage to the ring. The second moment, Danielson just killing Omega with his kicks.

Just pro-wrestling at it’s finest. Hopefully in 2022 we get to see both men wrestle each other again.