WWE And The Forbidden Door

The announcement of Mickie James being part of the Royal Rumble had the internet talking for days. Not every day does WWE feature someone from another promotion into their programming, especially when it’s the Rumble.

This announcement shocked a lot of people, it was unexpected and created a lot of discussion. WWE has a track record of not working well with others. Maybe this time it will be different.

One of the major talking points, is the possibility of Impact and WWE doing something down the line. The possibilities are endless, but then again, this is WWE we’re talking about.

One of the things that could happen is WWE loaning some of their talent for the next Empowerrr show, especially considering Mickie James was the mind behind it, but this could also mean not having access to wrestlers from AEW as a request from WWE. This is something we’ve seen before from WWE do.

Another possibility is for a WWE wrestler to show up on Impact and have a few matches. This could be interesting idea and help Impact pop a rating.

The most likely scenario is that is could be a one and done type of deal between WWE and Impact. Impact gained a lot with all the buzz the announcement of Mickie James and with their Hard to Kill PPV.

This subject also sparked a lot of comparisons between what happened with WWE last week and the AEW/Impact working relationship from last year. It should be noted that business went up on possible metrics from Impact during Omega’s time in the promotion. There’s no chance WWE would allow a WWE wrestler to be part of Impact for several months like AEW did with Omega, especially how AEW featured heavily the Impact world title, like they did on the first episode of Ramage.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty cool that the biggest promotion in the world has opened it’s door to another promotion. Let’s see what the future holds for this unexpected alliance between Impact and WWE.