Who On The IMPACT Knockouts Roster Pushed For The Ultimate X Match

Last night at IMPACT Wrestling’s “Hard To Kill” PPV event the show opened with a phenomenal, history making Knockout’s Ultimate X match.

This was indeed history as it’s the first time in history the company ever put on a Ultimate X match with it’s Knockouts. Six women competed in the match, however it’s came out that two of the competitors had reportedly been pushing for IMPACT management to make the match happen for a while.

According to PWInsider, Jordynne Grace, the reigning IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion, and the winner of the Ultimate X match, Tasha Steelz were pushing for the match to be booked, but were unaware that the match was going to be announced.

The two women-along with Chelsea Green, Lady Frost, Alisha Edwards, and Rosemary-put on one hell of a match to open the show, giving away to several entertaining highspots which included a nod to commentator D-Low Brown, using his “Sky-High” finisher from the top of the Ultimate X cables.

Multiple competitors from last night’s Ultimate X match were said to be banged up from the match, however there were no major injuries to report coming out of the match.

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