AEW Rampage Live Results & Recap – 1/7/22

It’s Friday night and AEW Rampage is back on the air, which means Bodyslam has you covered with live results throughout the show. Keep it locked to this page for updated results and highlights during the week’s fastest hour of wrestling. Feel free to leave your reactions in the comment section below!

AEW Rampage was taped following Dynamite on 1/5/22 from the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey. The card announced ahead of tonight’s action featured the following:

  • Adam Cole v. Jake Atlas
  • Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (AEW Women’s World Champion) & Jamie Hayter v. Ruby Soho & Riho
  • HOOK v. Aaron Solo
  • No Disqualification match: Daniel Garcia & 2point0 v. Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz

In addition to the card, AEW President Tony Khan said he will announce a change to the card for Saturday’s Battle of the Belts special due to a medical protocol.

Results for AEW Rampage:

  • Adam Cole v. Jake Atlas – Adam Cole wins by submission (knee bar)
    The pair opened with an EXCELLENT series of chain wrestling, linking counter after counter with a series of strikes throughout the exchange. Atlas looked incredible and his athleticism and showmanship was on display early, keeping pace with the veteran Cole throughout the beginning stages of the match. The momentum shifted when Cole pushed Atlas to the floor from the top rope. Atlas tried to mount a comeback but was caught by an Adam Cole backstabber as he attempted a springboard elbow strike before a picture-in-picture break.
    As we came back from break we saw Atlas take over with a suicide dive to the outside and a springboard shotgun dropkick back into the ring. As he looked to capitalize on the momentum he was hit by an Ushigaroshi from Cole. The pair exchanged superkicks before Cole hit a brainbuster to the knee. Atlas countered more of Cole’s offense and attempted a springboard lariat, but sadly injured his knee on the landing which led to an audible for the finish. Unable to hit the Panama Sunrise, the veteran Cole locked in a VERY gentle leg lock for the submission. This was an excellent example of Cole’s veteran instinct in ring to come up with a finish on the fly that takes advantage of a shoot injury.
    Following the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly make their way ringside to beat on Atlas some more but are chased away by Orange Cassidy with a chain, Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta.
  • Video package announcing Dustin Rhodes will replace Cody Rhodes in for an interim TNT Title at Battle of the Belts on 1/8/22.
  • Segment: Tony Schiavone interviews Andrade El Idolo
    Andrade is trying to hire Darby as his new assistant, and asks Sting for a price for “this little kid.”
  • HOOK v. Aaron Solo – HOOK wins by submission (Redrum – kata ha jime)
    HOOK took control early, throwing Solo overhead before implementing the submission game. After a brief distraction by QT Marshall, HOOK suplexed Solo over his head, brutalized him with some strikes over the back, and locked in Redrum.
    QT Marshall got in HOOK’s face following the match but was quickly dispatched with a collar and elbow suplex.
  • Ricky Starks announces he will be facing Matt Sydal for the TNT Championship at Battle of the Belts
  • Video package: Penelope Ford, The Bunny, Anna Jay and Tay Conti recap their Street Fight from last week’s Rampage
  • Ruby Soho & Riho v. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (AEW Women’s World Champion) & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel
    The combatants began the match brawling and exchanging early tags before we settled with Ruby and Britt in the ring. The rivals battered each other, and Britt received assistance from Jamie Hayter on the apron as the show went to picture-in-picture break. Hayter tagged in during the break and they continued the beat down on Ruby before a full frame break cut off the action.
    Coming back from break we saw Britt and Ruby as the legal wrestlers until both combatants tagged out to bring in Hayter and Riho. The champion and her hired muscle tried to double team Riho but she countered with a tornado DDT on Hayter. Baker pushed Riho off the top rope and looked to put her away with Hayter but the pair had a breakdown in communication, leading to Hayter clocking Baker and Riho rolling Jamie up for the cover.
    Following the match we saw an exchange of words between Baker and Hayter before cutting to a backstage segment.
  • Segment: Dan Lambert, Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page
    Lambert criticizes Tony Khan’s decision to fill Cody’s spot at Battle of the Belts with Dustin Rhodes, stating it is sucking up to TNT’s reality show producers. Sky and Page take over from there, saying they have no problem beat Cody, Sammy or Dustin for the TNT Title.
  • Segment: Mark Henry interviews the participants in the main event
    Henry is seen in his usual split-screen interview between the Rampage main event participants. Daniel Garcia and 2point0 to the left, Kingston, Santana & Ortiz to the right. As Matt Lee begins his diatribe, Kingston looks at the Proud N Powerful members apathetically as the trio exits the frame. They can be seen seconds later interrupting 2point0 and Garcia with an all-out assault backstage.
  • No Disqualification Match: Daniel Garcia & 2point0 v. Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz – Kingston, Santana & Ortiz win by pinfall
    We come back from commercial break to the match already underway and it is absolute anarchy. All six participants were brawling around the ringside area. Ortiz is rolled into the ring by Matt Lee before we head to a picture-in-picture break.
    We return from the break to see Santana & Ortiz running through 2point0 with a series of double team moves. Kingston gets involved in the action before collapsing to the mat clutching his knee. Parker turns the tide with some powder to the face as Garcia grabs the ring bell, which he plows into the skull of Kingston. Eddie managed to kick out of the bell shot, only to be suplexed through the timekeeper’s table by 2point0.
    Lee ended up in the ring with Santana & Ortiz to be victimized by their double team offense, and as Parker came in to make the save he got caught with a series of double team strikes before being pinned by Santana.
    Garcia and his dads looked to take their frustrations out on Eddie following the match by taping his wrists to the top rope. Chris Jericho left the commentary booth to make the save, chasing away Garcia, Lee and Parker.

We were treated to a very entertaining hour of action from AEW tonight, despite the early injury to Atlas. AEW is back tomorrow for Battle of the Belts on TNT at 8pm EST. We’ll be right back here with more live results and highlights throughout the show.