Changes That Should Be Made To AEW Elevation And Dark

Elevation and Dark are great concepts to give wrestlers more in-ring time and also serves as a scouting mechanism for AEW. We are close to a year of Elevation starting and the show has changed for the better and worse.

The initial concept of Elevation was great, with the show featuring vignettes of wrestlers and allowing fans to know the wrestlers from the roster a little bit better. Slowly, the show started less and less featuring these vignettes and there’s now been more than 6 months since the last time they made one.

Elevation should use the resource that vignettes are and use them again. They were really good and helped tell stories and make the show even more interesting for viewers.

Feuds should also be a thing on Dark and Elevation more often. Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela had a TV level feud that mostly took place at Dark and Elevation. More feuds like that one would gather more eyes on Dark and Elevation. AEW had a deep roster and it would be a cool thing to do and easy to book.

Let’s hope 2022 sees the return of these things to Elevation and Dark, because they are two very entertaining wrestling shows, especially due to their commentary teams.

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