B-Fab Says She Would Love Another Run With Hit Row Somewhere

Back in early November, B-Fab of Hit Row was released by WWE only two weeks after having being called up to the main roster along with her stablemates in Hit Row.

On November 17th, the rest of Hit Row would be released in what WWE would credit to budget cuts. Now fans are wondering what is next for the members of Hit Row.

Many have questioned if the group could possibly end up back together in another promotion, and B-Fab herself also made a statement regarding this in a recent interview with K&W WrestleFest.  B-Fab was asked about Hit Row showing up in AEW and she didn’t rule it out.

“We’ll see what happens, never say never. Honestly, I would just love to have us all together, anywhere, doing anything. When you see our group, it speaks volumes without saying anything. I wish we would have gotten to show everyone what we were going to do fully. I know we would have been a global act, for sure.”

She did state that any sudden decisions couldn’t be made at the moment due to the other members of Hit Row’s non-compete clauses.

“I’m not sure right now because the boys still have more time left on their contracts. Right now, I would really love for us all to get back together. We’re just trying to see what we all want to do right now. I don’t have any major plans right now to wrestle because I want to see what the boys are doing first.”

We will have to see what is next for Hit Row and if they will plan to join back up once everyone’s non-compete clauses run up.

(h/t Fightful For quotes.)

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