Serena Deeb Has Taken On A Producer Role In AEW

We have seen the veteran Serena Deeb step into a coach role before at the WWE Performance Center, however she ended up being released. Deeb would eventually end up on the AEW roster where she is now working backstage, along with being an in-ring talent. 

During an interview with Wrestling Inc, ‘The Woman of A Thousand Holds’ shared that she began to help out backstage during her time away due to injury. She now wears a headset next to Tony Khan during their shows. She talks to the production truck and helps to call matches backstage. 

Serena said, “In the meantime, when I was kind of sitting on the sidelines I stepped into the coaching role and the producing role. Kind of like the stuff I was doing before at the other company,” she said. “I’m helping them with their matches, I am on headset next to Tony calling their matches, talking to the truck, doing all of that. I love that too and, you know what? That has an exhilarating component in itself. Like, especially when you really help and then you watch them go out there and they kill it. You feel like you’re part of that, it’s very rewarding.”

Serena has currently been involved in a feud with Hikaru Shida. They had the third match in their series on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite. She may have lost the match, but they both had one hell of a showing. The women’s division has so much potential, and the fact that Serena is at the helm can only propel them further. 

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