Walter, Cara Noir and Axel Tischer FKA Alexander Wolfe all in action at wXw Germany’s 21st Anniversary – Full Card Preview

After 649 Days wXw Germany finally return to their home at the Tubinenhalle in Oberhausen as they celebrate their 21st Anniversary.

Wxw Germany are certainly celebrating in style with a fantastic 21st Anniversary show that will see Walter return to the promotion for the first time since 2019 in a first time ever dream match against Progress World Champion Cara Noir.

Plus Axel Tischer’s first defence of his Unified wXw World Championship, Iva Kolasky defends her wXw Women’s Championship, Tag Team and Shot Gun Championship action and a 6 man ladder match to crown a new No. 1 Contender for the Unified World Championship.

Unified World Championship Match

Jurn Simmons vs Axel Tischer (c)

Axel Tischer’s first defence of his Unified World Championship after bringing an end to Marius Al Ani’s dominant reign as champion at True Colours 2021 back in October. Tischer’s first opponent is Jurn Simmons a powerhouse wrestler from Holland at 30 years old Simmons has just under 10 years experience and is a former 2 x wXw Unified World Champion.

Cara Noir vs Walter

What is likely to be the true marque match of the night as Walter makes his return for what will likely be his swan song for wXw Germany before heading to America to join the WWE main roster. If it is to be Walters last match for wXw Germany what a perfect way to go out in a first time ever dream match against British superstar and current Progress World Champion Cara Noir.

Tag Team Championship Match

Fast Time Moodo and Stephanie Maze vs The Arrows of Hungary (Dover and Icarus) (c)

Fast Time Moodo and training partner Stephanie Maze finally get a chance to regain the belts they never officially lost after vacating the belts due to injury. Maze and Moodo earned their rematch on We Love Wrestling 24 (Available on the WWE Network) by defeating the current champions the Arrows of Hungary in a non title match but will they be able to defeat one of the best teams in Europe when the belts are on the line. Icarus and Dover won the belts from Robert Driesker and Anil Marik back in July and have successfully defended the championship on two occasions.

Robert Driesker vs Vincent Hisenberg

A true battle of giants and titans. Robert Driesker the coach of the wXw Academy faces of against on of his former students Vincent Hisenberg, unimpressed with decisions his former student has been making along side his new friends Maggot and Baby Allison.

wXw Women’s Championship Match

Skye Smitson vs Iva Kolasky (c)

Hungarian wrestler Iva Kolasky won the vacated wXw Womens Championship after defeating Stephanie Maze in a best of 3 series culminating at True Colours, she successfully defended her championship against Baby Allison at We Love Wrestling 24. Kolasky defends her championship against UK wrestler Skye Smitson, the Villainess as she is known, has been making her mark on the UK scene for the last few years making appearances for Rev Pro UK and Progress Wrestling among others.

Michael Knight Shotgun Championship Defence

The German highlight Michael Knight will defend his championship, as per the rules of the Championship his opponent will be choosing by lottery just prior to the match. Knight won the Shotgun championship off Vincent Hissenberg at We Love Wrestling 22 and has successfully defended the championship on 4 occasions.

6 Man Ladder Match

Dennis “Cash” Dulling vs Tristan Archer vs Aigile Blanc vs Levanial vs The Rotation vs Hektor Invictus 6 man ladder match.

A 6 man ladder match that features 6 of Europe’s première wrestlers, each wrestler brings something different to match, which is sure to get the fans excited from start to finish.

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wXw Germany’s 21st Anniversary will be available to stream on wXw Germany’s streaming service wXwNow, on the 23rd of December.

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