Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy Signing With AEW Is a No Brainer

It’s been a week since Jeff Hardy has been released by WWE after another run with the company. The news came after an incident that left many within the company, as well as fans, questioning if Hardy was in a good place.

The incident took place during a Texas house show in which Hardy exited the arena during a match. Hardy was sent home and subsequently let go after reports surfaced that WWE offered to get him into rehab and Jeff declined.

Since his release, many questions have come up about Hardy’s options post-WWE. While speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross discussed Jeff Hardy’s potential options. Jim Ross stated that he would love to see Hardy in AEW and that it would be a no-brainer for the company to sign him.

“I hope someday Hardy is wrestling for AEW. It is a no-brainer. Can you imagine the Young Bucks and The Hardy Boyz? The Hardys and the Lucha Bros? The Hardys and FTR? The Battle of North Carolina. I’m all for this. That’s a year’s worth of matches right there, easy.”

Hardy has announced that he will be heading out on tour with his band PeroxWhy?Gen, but has not made any indication on what his plans are moving forward in wrestling. We will have to wait and see.

Below is the full episode of Grilling JR.

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