Bryan Danielson Says He Wants To Create An Eco-Friendly AEW Title

Bryan Danielson definitely made a mark in WWE.

Regardless of him making his way to AEW, the memories that he made in the WWE will forever be talked about by wrestling fans. One thing he will definitely be remembered for during his time with WWE, is the time he debuted the eco-friendly Hemp-based WWE Championship belt. Now it looks like Bryan wants to bring the same style title to AEW.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan Danielson revealed that he wants to change the AEW World Championship in the same way he did the WWE Championship.

“I do not understand why we are still making anything out of animal skin. We don’t need to. The synthetic fibers are just as good-looking and just as durable as leather, and we don’t harm any animals. I don’t know if I’d go all the way to the hemp and naturally fallen oak [like the “The Planet’s Champion” belt], but I’d love to get that changed.”

On last night’s AEW’s Dynmaite: Winter Is Coming special, Bryan Danielson and Adam Hangman Page went the distance in their World Title match which ended in a 60-minute time limit draw.

Some are now calling last night’s showdown between the two a match of the year candidate. We will have to see how things progress moving forward as there is sure to be a rematch in some capacity.

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