Hannibal Responds to Stabbing Incident

Earlier this week, we reported that independent wrestler Hannibal went into business for himself on referee Lando Deltoro at World Class Revolution’s Christmas Star Wars in Irving, Texas.

Bodyslam included a statement from both the referee of Hannibal’s match with Carlito as well as the referee assaulted by Hannibal. In an update to the story, Hannibal has responded to the incident via a YouTube video which he has since made private.. However, the video was uploaded elsewhere.

In the above video, Hannibal covers a few things, including why he and WCPW ended their working agreement and the Lando Deltoro situation.

Hannibal claims that “[Deltoro] was hired because he is a bleeder.” Hannibal noted that the spike is a prop and that this was the first time he’d ever had the prop. Hannibal also noted that it’s the same spike that Kevin Sullivan, who allegedly told the referee to “kayfabe the cops,” used in his angle with Dusty Rhodes in 1984. Hannibal claims that Deltoro was blading while they gave off the illusion that he was being cut open by the spike. Hannibal said that Deltoro didn’t give him “zero indication in the ring that he was hurt.” Hannibal said that he apologized the next day and that Deltoro told him that they were cool.

As the situation progresses and more details are revealed from everybody involved, Bodyslam will keep you as up-to-date as possible.