Eddie Kingston Expresses His Dislike For WWE Superstar Cesaro

Eddie Kingston is known for not having a filter and speaking exactly what is on his mind.

The 13 Year veteran had made his rounds on the independent circuit before finally ending up in AEW. Just like all jobs, you will find people you like, and then there are others you may not care for. So when the subject came up Eddie Kingston did what he does best and kept it real.

While speaking with News 12 of New York, the subject would come up about what other wrestlers he might have issues with. Kingston would go on to confirm when it comes to WWE Superstar Cesaro there is no love lost.

“There are certain people in wrestling I do not like,” Kingston said. “Punk is one. Cesaro is another one, the big Swiss idiot in WWE. I know him as Claudio (Castagnoli). I don’t like him, I don’t respect him. If he ever comes here, we’re going to have a problem. Or whenever his contract’s up. I don’t even pay attention to what he does. But guys like that, I just don’t like, don’t respect.”

Eddie Kingston still holds some sideways feelings for Cesaro for an incident that happened years ago, where Cesaro would not put him over at a Chikara show when he left the indy promotion to join WWE. Maybe one day Kingston will be able to get past it or it could lead to an interesting feud if the two ever cross paths.

(h/t to WrestlingInc. for the transcription)

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