Rhea Ripley Claims RK-Bro Are “The Guy Version” Of Her Team With Nikki ASH

Rhea Ripley and Nikki Ash were an unlikely duo when they were partnered together. Up to this point, it has seemingly worked out as they had captured and held the Raw Women’s Tag Team Championships up until Survivor Series. Another unlikely duo on the Raw Brand is RK-Bro, and according to Rhea, she sees a lot of similarities between the two teams.

While Speaking during an interview with the Metro, Ripley talked about the current WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, and also explained why she feels her tag team with Nikki ASH is similar.

“When we came back from break, RK-Bro’s promo was at that time and it was on the big screen. I was watching it with Nikki, and I was like, ‘Look it’s us!’ I was pointing at it and I looked into the crowd like, ‘It’s the guy version of us!’

“This guy in the crowd just burst out laughing. [laughs] I love it, I love it so much and I think they’re just incredible.

“They’re so funny, and Riddle is just so annoying to Randy and I love every minute of it, it’s exactly how Nikki is to me. They’re like our little siblings, you know? You can’t hate them! You just tolerate them.”

Ripley then explained how she feels her team with Nikki ASH has helped her grow as a performer.

“I think it’s been a good learning curve for me. (To) not always be angry at the world and to enjoy everything, and show people I can be this other person as well.

“I do have different sides to myself and my character – it’s not really a character, but to me. I think it’s been really intriguing to everyone. They’re slowly seeing me open up and blossom into the Rhea Ripley that you see, and it’s because of Nikki.”

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