Hacksaw Jim Duggan Announces That He Is Cancer Free

WWE legend and Hall Of fame Hacksaw Jim Duggan has been dealing with a plethora of health issues over the last few years.

Back in October, his health issues came to a head when Duggan’s wife revealed that the legend would be undergoing surgery and also revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Well, now we can finally give some good updates on Hacksaw as earlier today he would take to Twitter to announce that he is now cancer-free.

“Hi, everybody. I just wanted to share [with] everybody the great news that I just received that my cancer is all encapsulated inside my prostate. They checked my bones, that came out clear. The surrounding tissue came out clear. The lymph nodes came out clear. So, thank god, I’m cancer-free. You know, this is my second bout with cancer. Twenty years ago, I had kidney cancer. Now, prostate cancer. Folks, remember, early detection saves lives.

Throughout all of his health ordeals, Hacksaw has displayed that a positive outlook and the true spirit of a fighter can eventually lead to positive outcomes. We here at Bodyslam.net would like to send out congrats to Hacksaw on the positive news.

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