NWA Hard Times 2 Low Attendance Due To Government-Funded Building Restrictions

The NWA held their Hard Times 2 PPV on Saturday night at GPB Studios in Atlanta.

The event was listed as being “sold out” on Event Brite. However fans were quick to notice that the venue was practically empty with only fans being sat in the middle section, leaving the left and right sections completely empty.

This was apparently not the NWA’s fault, as according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider on November 30th the NWA was informed that because the building they were using (GPB Studios) was government-funded, no more than 90 fans would be allowed to attend due to a more restrictive standard in place.

It was also stated that a number of fans who purchased tickets were issued refunds as a result of the government building policy restricting the number of fans allowed to attend the tapings.

NWA President Billy Corgan additionally issued the following statement to PWInsider:

‘To say the ongoing pandemic has been a challenge in running live events is an understatement, as it has for anyone who has been adversely affected by what remains this ongoing health and safety crisis. And though this latest setback will not deter us from going ‘on with the show’, we appreciate your understanding today so as to not have to turn anyone away at the door; as this is certainly a circumstance beyond our control.’


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