WWE Scrapped Plans For Elias’ Rebranding Because He Looked To Similar To Randy Savage

During the recent 2021 WWE Draft, Elias was one of three main roster Superstars that were not selected and assigned to a particular brand.

WWE ran some vignettes of Elias in a graveyard back in August where he declared that the character was dead. Apparently the plan was to kill off Elias’ music gimmick, but there was no real end game in mind for the vignettes according to a report from WrestleVotes.

Additionally, WWE had rebranded the Elias character a few weeks back, however Vince McMahon and company did not like the new look, which consisted of colorful trunks and a beard which reminded everyone of Randy Savage. They have since scrapped the idea, and are said to be back to square one with Elias.

“Interesting note on Elias, source states they had no end plan for graveyard vignettes. Just shot them to kill off the “music” gimmick. His initial rebranding weeks back looked to similar to Randy Savage w/ colorful trunks & beard so Vince & co didn’t like it. Back to square 1.”

You can check out the gravesite vignettes WWE aired killing off Elias’ music gimmick below.


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