The Best PC Games About MMA and Ultimate Fighting

The Best PC Games About MMA and Ultimate Fighting

Historically, inspiration for performing feats comes suddenly and takes many different forms. So people are inspired not only by culture and art but also by sports, science, and politics.

Thus, MMA would seem brutal, but spectacular and exciting sport, which is characterized by a large number of styles and techniques, and has a lot of fans around the world, which are inspired by this to go to online casino establishments, play themed games, go to special sports clubs, buy tickets for the competition. Especially for them, and we have prepared this selection, which includes the best games about MMA on PC.


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Simulator that offers players to act as a manager that leads his fighters to recognition and glory. Gameplay meets the canons of the genre: looking for promising athletes, taking under your wing, training, developing, negotiating fights, advancing through the seasons and tournaments. The game boasts pretty good models and character animation, but the weak overall picture gives away the small budget of the project. If that doesn’t scare you off, welcome to the cage!


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In Ultimate MMA you will not become a trainer, but a fighter, and fight in the arena against opponents, which can be AI fighters and other players (but only in split-screen mode, there is no network play). The developers promise more than 50 techniques and 70 combinations of punches, a system of customization of characters, and intuitive controls. In reality, players complain about poor optimization and high entry threshold, and the project has a very modest rating on Steam.


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Another manager simulator, where you have to manage one of 25 MMA teams and try to defeat all your opponents. The list of features is impressive: more than three and a half thousand fighters, support for mods, a system of relationships with athletes, many interacting character traits, manager rating, and so on. On the other hand, the gameplay is an interaction with tables, and even the fights here are just numbers in the statistics. In general, you should not expect from this game the spectacle typical for mixed martial arts.


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A curious mix of fighting games and card games, where you need to collect cards and create decks, forming a unique style of fighter. The athlete himself, by the way, can also customize from start to finish, adjusting the physique, tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, and other elements of appearance. Matches are held in turn-based mode, so it is important not lightning reflexes and detailed battle strategy.


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Another text-based simulator focused on the process of managing a team, not the battles. Gameplay is familiar to the genre: recruiting, training, matches, moving up the standings. You can develop not only fighters, but also the gym, which will bring certain bonuses, and athletes can get injured and aging – this affects their effectiveness. The game seems to be a good option for fans of management sims, but Steam users reproach it for lack of depth and little gameplay mechanics.


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Pretty creepy-looking simulator that offers to build a gym, assemble fighters and get busy developing your sports team. A kind of MMA game, where quite a few game mechanics are implemented: for example, halls can be upgraded with new sports equipment, you can hire specialist trainers for different styles of fighting, and athletes can be trained from an early age there is an opportunity to create a wunderkind star. It’s far from a hit, but it has a few fans, and it looks like the authors took the project very seriously, despite the lack of experience.