Exclusive: Baron Black On Why Terminus Is Taking Place In Atlanta, GA

Our correspondent, Jaychele Nicole, hosted an interview with Baron Black as a part of her ‘Shelly Speaks’ series. This interview comes ahead of his upcoming event, with Jonathan Gresham, Terminus. The event is happening in Atlanta, GA on January 16, 2022.

Atlanta has been a big market for wrestling shows lately. WWE’s new pay-per-view, Day One, is taking place in Atlanta, GA on January 1, 2022. AEW Dynamite, and the subsequent Rampage taping, will be taking place in Atlanta tonight. The NWA also announced they will be hosting a round of taping in the area as well. During the interview, Baron was asked about the decision to host the inaugural Terminus show in Atlanta. 

“I’m glad you said that question. Altanta used to be, this is before your time and a little bit before my time as well, Atlanta used to be a very big hotbed for professional wrestling. This is back in the territory days, way before our time, in the NWA days, even with WCW in that battleground. It was a real big hotbed. That’s one of the main things that I noticed. There are a lot of wrestling fans here in Metro Atlanta. Me and Jon [Jonathan Gresham]. This is our home. We see that the market for professional wrestling was a little bit lacking. All the fans here didn’t really know much about professional wrestling. They only know about the wrestling that they saw on national television. They don’t know the wrestling that goes on outside of that. You’d be surprised how many times I got in an Uber, or went to a store, or people recognize me, or ask me what I do. and I tell them about these other shows that I’m doing outside of AEW. They respond saying they don’t even know what’s going on and they live here. It’s like we want to bring all of these fans out and make them understand that there’s more wrestling here. It’s just getting the word out. That’s why Atlanta was chosen. We wanted something for our home, to thrive. Something that really speaks for Atlanta,” Baron said. 

Both Terminus organizers, Baron Black and Jonathan Gresham, are billed from Atlanta, GA. With the amount of wrestlers beginning to emerge from Atlanta and the surrounding area, it is more than likely that the location will begin to gain traction on the independent scene.

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