Exclusive: Baron Black: AEW Didn’t Know Terminus Was Happening

Our correspondent, Jaychele Nicole, hosted an interview with Baron Black as a part of her ‘Shelly Speaks’ series. This interview comes ahead of his upcoming event, with Jonathan Gresham, Terminus. The event is happening in Atlanta, GA on January 16, 2022.

Since the announcement of the event, Terminus has received a lot of support and praise. This has come from all ends as we have seen wrestlers express their support online. Baron has been a mainstay talent within AEW. He has been featured on many episodes of AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation. In the interview, Baron was asked about any support he’s received from AEW in particular.

Baron said, “They really didn’t know that Terminus was happening. They didn’t know it was happening. This is just an event that we wanted to showcase that independent wrestling is also something here for Atlanta, and also something for fans here. But, when we did announce it, there was a lot of support from guys that do work at AEW. Jericho retweeted it. He said it was awesome when I saw him the next week after the video. I think Seth Rollins even retweeted it, so did Xavier Woods. I was like okay this is pretty awesome. So there has been support after the initial announcement of Terminus. It wasn’t really like I was pre-planning while I was working at AEW, trying to figure out how to do it. It was just me and Jon going back and forth about it and it’s been a thing that we wanted to do. It’ s an opportunity to finally do it. We just said ‘Hey, let’s do it!’ The support I got from my AEW colleagues has been great. I wasn’t expecting it. That shows how much they think of me. That shows how cool this project that we’re doing actually is.”

Another AEW talent that has been announced is Daniel Garcia. There has been a lot of buzz and media for this event. The announcement video has reached 200,000 videos. It is safe to say that this event is welcomed and wanted by wrestling fans and performers alike. 

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