The Biggest Lie In Wrestling

The subject of women’s wrestling in the US is a cursed subject to talk about, no matter what your stance on the matter is. But there’s one particular subject that is basically a lie and that is that the Knockout’s division in IMPACT is the best women’s wrestling in the US.

The way some people on social media describe the KOs, is as if they are the reincarnation of AJW in the US. For those not familiar, AJW was a Japanese women’s-only promotion, AJW had some of the best wrestlers of all time 0n their rosters with the likes of Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Akira Hokuto and many more legendary wrestlers. IMPACT’S KOs are not AJW in their peak, despite what some people will try to tell you on social media.

First of all, IMPACT wrestling and the KOs deserve partial credit (the other part goes to Shimmer) for the revolution on women’s wrestling the US scene has seen, especially from Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. While they deserve credit for that, we should not forget that the KOs were involved in some all time low moments like Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca and their iconic MINUS FIVE STARS match.

In a more modern day talk, it’s true that IMPACT features more their women’s division than other major promotions (WWE & AEW), but the in-ring quality leaves a lot to be desired at times. The KOs roster is actually quite good with wrestlers like Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo, Mercedes Martinez, Jordynne Grace and there’s also not so good workers I won’t mention, but they are not Toyota, Kong or Hokuto despite people claiming they are basically AJW-US, the in-ring work is not there at times.

AEW and WWE’s booking of their women’s division deserves a lot of criticisms, but one thing both promotion do have is better matches than the KOs.The best women’s matches in AEW (Baker vs. Rosa) and WWE (Belair vs. Banks) in 2021 are way better than the KOs’ best match despite the questionable booking from both promotions with their women’s divisions. If you don’t believe, check the Cagematch scores of women’s matches of each promotion.

IMPACT is trying to solve the situation by signing indie talent and the free agents from the WWE releases, but the booking is the problem and this more of an overall problem in the US, with some doing better than others.

Calling IMPACT the best women’s wrestling in the US (or the world in that matter) is a wrong statement, IMPACT needs to improve their booking, like most US promotions, with their women’s division and maybe then we can start having a conversation.