A Letter To Big Swole

Dear Big Swole,

It was only yesterday when you made my week. I asked you to adopt me, and you made my whole year by saying we looked related. I was so excited to see that you even responded to me. Our interaction has been the only thing I could talk about for this whole day. I’ve been crying for the past 20 minutes because when the announcement was first made it didn’t set in. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have always prioritized representation in wrestling. Many may believe and fight for representation in theory. You have been one of the few people who I can actually see myself in on the screen. 

I only started watching AEW in July, but you immediately grabbed my eye. You were always someone I was looking forward to seeing. Every show I was on, I couldn’t go without saying your name. Today, I just recorded a Fantasy Booking show where I made you my champion. You have always been someone that I have been able to watch whenever I want to study matches or just feel better in general. Your feud with Diamante was one of my favorite feuds this year. Your potential is undeniable. You will always be an inspiration. You have and will always be so entertaining. Thank you for representing Black women in the best way possible. You have been nothing but a star, no matter the show or the opponent. No one will ever forget that you’re married now! Your theme song was the only song I could listen to when driving or working out for three months. 

You have provided me with so many amazing moments. Your strength for battling your health issues is a trait of yours that I have always admired. The support you have received should show you how many people like me are pushing for you. I will follow you wherever you decide to go. I will support whatever you decide to do next. I will meet you one day, and I will finally be able to tell you how much you mean to me in person. The love and kindness that you have exhibited can, and will, never be replicated. Thank you for being the woman a 17-year-old Black girl aspires to be when they grow up. As your journey continues, all I can do is say ‘Thank you. I love you.’

Sending the most positive of vibes,

Jaychele Nicole

“Little Swole”

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