Bryan Danielson Reacts To Recent ROH And WWE Releases

Bryan Danielson definitely made a mark in the WWE. Regardless of him making his way to AEW, the memories that he made in the WWE will forever be talked about by wrestling fans, but what the casual wrestling fan may not remember is Danielson’s long successful run with ROH.

ROH recently announced that it would be taking a hiatus for a period of time as the company will start a restructure. Along with the news of the hiatus, it was also announced they the company would be releasing all the wrestlers who were currently under contract with the company. This came as a shock to many as WWE has also been going through big changes and has gone through its own recent batches of releases.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Bryan Danielson talked about Ring of Honor and WWE’s latest batch of releases and admitted that it is a very unfortunate time to be released because of the pandemic.

“I was just sad. I guess what the hard part with all of it is, I think of is the people with the jobs. They’re not going to do the full-time contracts or anything like that anymore. This is coming in a year when we’ve still got the pandemic going on,” he added. “We’ve got a lot of people being cut from the WWE side. There’s not a ton of full-time jobs out there.

People sign these contracts and they buy houses on these contracts, they think it’s guaranteed money. Where that really hits hard for me is I was fired twice by WWE. It’s funny because both times I was fired shortly after buying a new car,” he revealed. “You have to think, none of these are nice cars and they’re used cars. But in both of them, I wasn’t able to pay it off in full. The first time especially in 2001 when I got fired I had a $350-a-month car payment. All of a sudden that car payment, I was having to work two jobs between that and insurance and all that kind of stuff. I had bought that car with the idea that I was going to make $500-a-week for the next three years or whatever it is. All of a sudden you don’t have that guaranteed money coming in.”

Bryan Danielson has continued to thrive in AEW since his debut at All Out in Chicago, and now he is the number one contender for the AEW world Championship and will soon go head to head with Adam Hangman Page.

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