A Super-Show In The US

NOAH and NJPW recently announced that night three of Wrestle Kingdom 16 would see the two biggest promotions in Japan clashing in a super card. Could something like this happen in the US?

Fans for a long time have dreamed of dream matches between wrestlers from promotions like WWE, AEW and NJPW. A show like this would be interesting and fun to watch, but reality is some times disappointing.


WWE doesn’t play well with others and there’s no chance in hell they would want to do a show of that scale. IF (This is the biggest if ever) WWE decided to do it, they would want full creative control and their wrestlers win all the matches. Compromising is not a word Vince McMahon and WWE are very familiar with.

WWE already have WrestleMania, so any involvement from them would be impossible. There’s also the fact they don’t really need it, WWE is already making billions and they don’t need to work with someone else. So, WWE would be out of any show like this, but they’ll be watching it up close.

AEW and Who?

If a super-show takes place in the US, AEW will be the first promotion to be involved in it. They also have the best platform to promote this super-show. AEW has shown since day one that they’re willing to work with other promotions like we’ve seen with DDT, IMPACT, NJPW, TJPW and AAA.

The gap between NJPW and NOAH is massive, but the gap between AEW and the number three promotion IMPACT is even bigger. This is one of the bigger problems the scene in the US has, there’s not a solid number three, but maybe promotions like IMPACT, MLW and GCW getting involved would help with this problem.

AEW and the indies could make an interesting card for all wrestling fans to enjoy and create something special like All In was.


If a super-show takes place, NJPW needs to be involved. Having two big promotions like NJPW and AEW backing a show of that caliber would help a lot. They would be the ones to help promote it with their platforms.

Getting access to some of the wrestlers of the NJPW roster would help improve the the quality of the show and get some very interesting match-ups with the wrestlers involved in this super-show. If NJPW decided to be involved, the show would gathered even more attention from fans. Maybe NJPW and Bushiroad would be able to convince of bringing STARDOM into the fold and be part of a show like this.

NJPW has also the experience of working these type of shows in the past and that experience would be helpful for a show of this type.

Will It Ever Happen?

As of right now, there’s no plans for something like this. The closest thing was All In and that show was unique and changed the landscape of wrestling. Maybe once the world gets back to normal, plans for an All In 2 can take place.

I wouldn’t be surprised if AEW and NJPW had discussions about a possible joint PPV, just NJPW did with ROH on the now infamous G1 Supercard in 2018 that took place on MSG.

The biggest problem is that requieres a lot of moving parts for a show this big and there’s still a lot of questions like logistics and how revenue would be distributed between promotions. Only time will tel if we’ll see a show like this someday in the US again like All In was.