The IInsperation Say They Were Inspired By The Beautiful People Faction

 Earlier this year in April The IInsperation (formerly the IIconics in WWE) were released from their WWE contracts after six years with the company. The two have recently inked a deal with Impact wrestling after dealing with visa and immigration issues.

At Bound For Glory in their very first match for the company, the two secured the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championships after defeating Rosemary and Jessica havoc and have since secured their spot amongst the rest of the Knockouts Division and have staked their claim in the tag team division.

In an interview with Darren Paltrowitz, Cass and Jess reveal that they were both inspired by The Beautiful People, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and for a brief period of time, Lacey Von Erich. For them, it was empowering to see women who embraced their beauty and sexuality without sacrificing their presentation as credible competitors.

“It was actually The Beautiful People. I’m going back in the day, I used to watch it on YouTube because the internet wasn’t that big back then. As a teenager, that was pretty cool to see, because they were these sexy, beautiful women with these incredible bodies, but they’re also so different as well. They each had their own individuality, and they could kick your ass in the ring.

“So that was probably the earliest memory where I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is, — I want to do that. I want to be like that because that’s a strong woman right there. So absolutely. I have to say their entrance is the first memory that I really kind of go back to,” McKay said.

Cassie added, “It’s actually the exact same and exactly what Jess just said. So I’m just gonna repeat her. But I like that, being able to be a feminine and beautiful woman and still be really strong and independent. That is, and pun intended, that is super inspiring to me.”

The IInspiration are set to compete in their first match on Impact Wrestling television as they will take on the Undead Brides.

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