The Rise of Hangman

AEW’s first long term story finally saw the conclusion everyone wanted to see with Hangman defeating Kenny Omega and becoming the new AEW World Champion.

Many fans, and rightfully so, that Omega vs. Page (before the match took place) had some similarities between Hogan vs. Sting (Starrcade 97) and the wrong finish could have negative consequences, just like Hogan vs. Sting had with WCW back in the day. Thankfully, the right finish and result took place and AEW crowned a new world champion.

The story of Hangman and the world title started during the first press of AEW. Adam Page made the promise to become the first AEW World Champion and everything started from their. During AEW’s first PPV, Double or Nothing, Hangman won the Casino Battle Royale to enter the first world title match in AEW. On the main event of that show, Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega and become Hangman’s opponent at All Out to crown the first AEW World Champion.

At All Out, Hangman was unsuccessful on his intentions of becoming the first AEW world champion, and following that devastating defeat, Hangman spiraled out of control and he started to have confidence issues. Kenny Omega was also in a rough patch at the time, people expected Omega to be the face of the promotion. Hangman and Omega at the end of 2019 started their tag team run.

Omega and Page became tag team champions in AEW and had a very successful run. One match in particular stands out during their run, and it was their match against The Bucks. That match told a beautiful long term story told on TV and BTE, that would also have ramifications for what happened at Full Gear last Saturday.

Omega and Page next big feud was against FTR. FTR played to Hangman’s insecurities and that helped them defeat Omega and Page to become the new AEW tag team champions. Hangman spiraled even more about of control, he lost he’s last friend in The Elite with Omega.

The following PPV was Full Gear, Hangman lost to Kenny Omega in the finals of the Eliminator Tournament to crown the number #1 contender for the AEW World Championship. This was another heavy loss for Hangman, seeing his friends winning, except him. During this time, Hangman started to make new friends with the Dark Order. At first, he was hesitant due to what happened with The Elite but The Dark order slowly won Hangman’s heart and become his friends.

The next few months, was all about Hangman winning and getting close to challenging for the AEW World Title but falling short each time. Meanwhile, The Elite were running the place with their heel shenanigans.After several key wins, Hangman was finally the number #1 contender for the AEW World Title. The Dark Order and Hangman started feuding and everything was leading up to the eventual rematch between Hangman and Omega. The Elite challenge him and The Dark Order to a 5 on 5 match, with the condition that if he lost, Page would lose his match against Omega at All Out. The heartbreak happened and Page once again failed at the most crucial of all times. Page after the match took a break and this also caused some turmoil in the Dark Order.

After two months, Hangman return to wit the Casino ladder match and to once against challenge Omega for the title. Omega and Hangman finally faced each other in a very emotional match that was a great payoff to years of build up and finally seeing Hangman winning and embracing The Dark Order during the biggest victory of his career.

The story of Hangman took time to develop and give us the payoff we all wanted. The next big test for Hangman and AEW is his title run. Hangman needs a really good title run and we are starting on the best way possible with Bryan Danielson as the first challenger of Hangman’s run. Let’s see what’s next for him.