Cody Rhodes Likes That Tony Khan Keeps Signing Talent

Cody Rhodes, one of AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents, hopes that AEW and its roster will keep growing. 

AEW recently signed a lot of amazing new talent to their roster including Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, and more! Full Gear features some of these stars along with the ‘homegrown’ stars like Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, MJF, and more.

Cody, especially, is excited for AEW’s next pay-per-view. Cody, on Busted Open Radio, went on to say, “We have this new roster, in addition to the old roster, and they’re emerging on the scene in the Target Center. There is no pay-per-view that will be better than this. That isn’t smack talk. This company, it scares me. It is aggressively growing and I’m so proud of everybody and everyone involved, but it almost scares me. This is an event that absolves my fears because we have the best bell-to-bell guys and girls. They’re going to tear it down.” (h/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful)

Much of the criticism that AEW has received has been centered on the idea that they are signing too many people, especially former WWE talent. In this interview, Cody addressed this line of thinking. 

“There is a question in the wrestling world, maybe it’s trepidation or fear, but there is this question of, ‘how many people can you have on the roster? They keep adding people.’ One of the reasons, I would speculate, that Tony keeps adding people is the fact that he can provide legitimately fantasy dream matches on a weekly basis. Some of them are rooted in deep, almost southern, stories and others are personal issues and modern and meta. Others are straight up, ‘I want to see this wrestler wrestle this guy.,” Cody said.

Cody went on to add, “Even when people drop ‘WWE reject’ out there, I don’t get mad. I don’t get mad at it because they had two decades where that was the only product. When I was growing up, wrestlers came from all over the place. ‘That guy came from Smokey Mountain.’ Everyone comes from somewhere. One of the toughest things as a wrestler is, you never finish where you start. A lot of times, wrestling fans, it’s very easy to write you off and say, ‘They never made it there.’ That is the journey you have to go on, to literally prove critics wrong and prove your fans right. It sounds so easy, but in wrestling it is incredibly difficult. That is the weekly journey of any wrestler. Advocating for your fans and absolving those critics. Everyone is a WWE Reject or a ROH guy or MLW. Everyone comes from somewhere. The best way to look at it is these guys are free agents and Tony Khan has the money, time, and interest to go get these free agents. Without him saying, ‘I want Matt, Nick, Kenny, Hangman, Cody, and Brandi,’ we were all free agents at that time, without that moment, this company doesn’t start. He’s built this company on getting free agents. I hope he keeps getting them and I hope I can help him look for as many free agents that are out there.”

Tony addressed the possibility of AEW signing some of the WWE November 4 releases when he said he was interested in a “few” of them

Cody Rhodes will be teaming up with PAC at Full Gear when he faces the team of Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black. 

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