Billy Gunn Not Interested In War between WWE and AEW

Many on opposing sides of either WWE or AEW would say ‘there is no war’ between the two companies but it is as clear as the sky is blue that there is a battle between the companies for viewership and certain demographics. A war between AEW and WWE has also been prevalent as Shots have been traded from both sides not only by the officials but performers from both companies.

A former WWE employee and current AEW employee Billy Gunn doesn’t seem interested in any fighting between the two companies. In a recent interview with Riju Dasgupta of SportsKeeda, the WWE Hall of Famer expressed his displeasure of the back and forth between the companies.

“Do we really want to take them down? Is it better that we just have competition? I think that’s what made the Attitude Era and the thing with WCW and WWE good is that there was competition. If you don’t have any competition, then I feel, and these are my opinions, I feel that we thrive on competition,”

 Gunn then explained that taking shots at the other promotion means that they are not focusing on their own product.

“The minute we try to start poking the bear or try to say we’re better than them, I feel that we’re not concentrating on the best that AEW can do. Like WWE is always going to be WWE. AEW’s going to be AEW. So let’s just be us. If our paths cross and it becomes something like that, let it happen naturally.”

Billy Gunn has had a number of runs with WWE. His longest tenure started with his debut for the promotion in 1993 and lasted through 2004. The former DX member was hired as a coach by AEW in January 2019. He has since started making TV appearances as well. Below is his full interview with sportskeeda.

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