WWE’s Change of Hiring Policy and Long Term Effects

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon hates pro-wrestling and has done everything he can do separate WWE from it. WWE is not pro-wrestling, but sports entertainment.

After NXT failed to defeat AEW in the Wednesday Night Wars. Vince McMahon decided it was time to change the approach of hiring talent in NXT and on their future prospects. WWE’s main roster and NXT had been disconnected for quite some time, it’s no secret Vince McMahon likes a certain looks for his “sports entertainers” and Paul Levesque was hiring the oposite of that, indie darlings.

Vince’s new approach to hiring talent is simple, and yet not surprising. Hire Athletes and women no older than 25. These changes will affect big time WWE down the line.

Hiring athletes ro learn from scratch is not something new for WWE or pro-wrestling, but when you realize the PC’s track record, there’s a big problem there. The new women hiring policy is obviously problematic in a lot of ways.

With these new policies, WWE looks to have more sports entertainers than pro-wrestlers. They can teach their recruits from scratch and not have to worry about someone being too indie. Contracts also will be shorter, around 3 to 6 months. With this, they can see who has progressed on that period of time and deserves a long term contract.

The long term effects are more than obvious, now there will be less jobs for pro-wrestlers with guaranteed money and with the change of business strategy of ROH, this will be a problem down the line for the industry.

WWE have being doing a lot of releases these last two year with the excuse of “budget cuts” despite making record profits during the same period. There’s no indication the releases will stop and who has job security in WWE with the exception of Roman Reigns and The Four Horsewomen.

Long term wise, considering how the PC are not the best at developing talent, the promotion will have less good workers or people that know what they’re doing in the ring. The things with the women’s division may get worse and this alarming considering the booking is already questionable.

This is the wrong way to go. Vince ‘s hate of pro-wrestling is making him ignore than some fo the best things of his programming are actual pro-wrestling than sports entertainment. People pay tickets to see matches, not movies and other stuff Vince thinks are funny.

These new policies show once more the disconnect WWE has with it’s audience and down the line, they might regret this decisions.