ICW Fight Club: 6.11.21 – Recap and Results

Charles Vyce VS B.T. Gunn

Vyce Jumps the bell, pushing Gunn off the top rope whilst he is posing and beats him around the ring. Gunn powers back forcing Vyce into the corner and follows up with strikes. Knee strikes and a huge beell toss followed by a body slam for a 2 count. Thatcher Wright jumps up on the apron. Vyce attacks with chops, but Gunn grabs Thatcher by the tie and chokes him, then forces Vyce into knocking him off the apron. Vyce follows this up with a 2 count, but it is broken up at the ropes. Gunn grabs Vyce for the gunshot side suplex and a 2 count. Vyce fights back pulling Gunn off the ropes and onto his knees temporarily winding him for a two count. Vyce hits a superkick and Gunn returns with one in kind. Vyce hits a short arm lariat for a 2 count. Gunn is back up and hits a back suplex, a roundhouse and then a twisting DDT for the pin.

Your Winner by pinfall B.T. Gunn

Damien Corvin (w Bonesaw) VS Jack Morris (w Dickie Divers)

Morris hits some immediate punches and forces Corvin into the corner for a shoulder block and a drop kick. Corvin goes for the reversal, Irish whipping Morris into the opposite corner then hits a brain buster for a two count before staying on the ground with a chin lock. Morris hits a jumping schoolboy for a 2 count. Corvin is back up and Lariats Morris for a 2 count, then into the ground and pound. Morris hits a big suplex for another two count then a spine buster for 2 again. Morris goes to the top rope, but Corvin intervenes leaving Morris groggy, Morris manages to faceplant Corvin due to distractions from Bonesaw and Divers on the outside, Corvin takes out Morris’ legs and hits a draping DDT from the top rope for the Pin.

Your Winner by Pinfall Damien Corvin

Kasey (w Molly Spartan) VS Angel Hayze

Semi final of the Women’s World Championship tournament

Angel immediately kicks at the legs of Kasey then hits forearm strikes and goes for an early choke, Kasey gets out but is taken down by a single leg and a drop kick leading her to roll out the ring. Angel smashes Kasey’s face on the barricade and Spartan goes to interfere but both Kasey and Hayze roll back into the ring for a 2 count on Kasey. Kasey gets back up, dragging Hayze by the hair and trash talking she kicks her repeatedly in the head then hits a lariat for the 2 count. Angel does a surprise roll up for another 2 count. Kasey hits Hayze with a backbreaker into a submission then puts on a sleeper but Hayze fights out with strikes and a rolling elbow then a flying elbow and a sling blade for a 2 count. Hayze goes for another strike and misses Kasey, hits a side slam and a running knee strike but hesitates before going for the pin, so a snap neck breaker by Hayze for another 2 count. Spartan comes back to interfere but Rhio comes out and attacks Spartan. With Kasey distracted Hayze hits two savant kicks and a fisherman’s suplex for a close 2 count she then locks in a guillotine and Kasey taps out

Your winner by submission & finalist in the Women’s World championship Angel Hayze

Ian Skinner VS Francesco Akira

Lock up and Akira powers Skinner to the corner. Clean Break. another lock up and Skinner powers Akira onto the ropes this break sees both men slap each other. Akira tries for the butterfly suplex but Skinner escapes. Headlock by Skinner then both men run the ropes leading to a big head kick by Akira 1,2 kickout. Akira with elbows to Skinners neck, he sets up Skinner in the corner but misses with a flying double knee. Skinner hits an accordion back suplex for a 2 count following up with a stretch and elbows to Akiras collar bone. Skinner wrenches and drops knees on the injured arm of Akira then hits an uppercut and big elbow strike Akira with a chop to Skinner who returns it with a kick to the chest, they exchange strikes until Akira hits a step up side kick to Skinner’s head and follows this with two lariats in the corner and a running elbow to Skinner for a 2 count, Akira hits a corkscrew neck breaker for another 2 count. Akira misses a top rope manoeuvre but hits a double dropkick to Skinner’s legs. Skinner locks in the octopus stretch and brings Akira to the floor, Akira makes the rope break but eats a huge boot to the jaw 1,2, kick out. Skinner lifts Akira onto the top rope but Akira fights him off and hits a missile drop kick and Skinner rolls out of the ring. Akira flies over the top rope onto Skinner on the floor. He throws a battered Skinner back into the ring and hits a double knee strike from the top rope onto the back of Skinner’s head for a 2 count. Strike exchange from both men on their knees Akira hits a back elbow strike but Skinner hits a snap German suplex and a nip up lariat. Akira with a belly to back suplex then running double knees for another 2 count, followed up with another double knees and another 2 count, Akira lifts him into the Butterfly and plants Skinner face first 1,2,3

Your Winner by Pinfall Francesco Akira

Aaron Echo VS Daro

Lock up and big strikes from Echo who slams Daro’s head into all four corners, Daro manages to land a kick and a sneaky roll up for a 1 count. Echo body slams Daro and locks in a camel clutch holding Daro down and landing elbows to the top of his head. Echo with a vertical suplex on Daro for a 2 count. Daro is now stood on the ring apron and Echo throws him from the outside back in for another 2 count. Echo hits multiple strikes to Daro’s neck but Daro fights back with strikes and forces Echo into the corner, hitting a somersault bomb into the corner. Daro Irish whips Echo into the opposite corner But Echo fights back with an elbow to the jaw, Daro lands a Hurricanrana but misses a top rope cross body. Echo hits the knockout punch but then lifts the ‘out of it’ Daro for the Pump handle Shotgun slam 1,2,3

Your Winner by Pinfall Aaron Echo

Kez Evans VS DCT

Jaxn is watching in the crowd. Lock up and Evans grabs a headlock. both men go for a shoulder block and there is a stand-off. Lock up again and DCT grabs a hammer lock and then a headlock, a big shoulder block then knocks down Evans. DCT hits a snap mare, knees to the back and then a side headlock. Evans comes back with strikes and a Side Russian Leg Sweep on DCT for the first pin attempt of the match. Evans hits a back breaker for a 2 count and then a suplex on DCT for another 2 count. Snap Suplex from Evans and DCT rolls out of the ring, Evans follows and Slams DCT onto the Barricade They head back into the ring and Evans hits a knee drop and strikes to DCT. Evan runs at DCT who avoids him sending him to the outside DCT hits stomps and chops on the outside but Evans hits a side Russian leg sweep against the barrier and laces DCT with punches, back into the ring they go. Evans stomps on DCT while pointing at Jaxn in the crowd as he tries to lock in the Blood Clot Clutch but DCT escapes and hits a punch to the jaw then an avalanche slam on Evans. Evans grabs the Blood Clot Clutch again, but DCT rolls through and hits a DDT for a 2 count. DCT goes for a running knee and misses leading to Evans hitting a standing senton onto DCT’s injured back Evans goes for the Kez Dispenser, but DCT reverses it into a back drop then hits a Samoan drop for a 2 count. DCT slaps Evans and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Evans reaches the ropes. Both men are down catching their breath, DCT is up first but Evans spins the ref and then hits a low blow and goes for the pin with his feet on the ropes but still only manages a 2 count. DCT with a huge Yakuza kick to the face of Evans and a running knee strike but Evans grabs the rope at the 2 count. DCT goes for the dreaded ten punches in the corner but Evans lifts him and runs with him slamming him into the opposite corner He applies the Blood Clot Clutch and DCT taps out.

Your winner by submission Kez Evans

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