Biff Busick (Fka Oney Lorcan) Looking To Open Wrestling School Following His WWE Release

Biff Busick, or Oney Lorcan, was one of the WWE Superstars released on November 4th.

He has since posted on his Twitter that he is looking to open a wrestling school. He is currently looking for a wrestling ring and is asking for anyone able to help him to email him. You can find his email in the original tweet below. 

The former Oney Lorcan has also explained in a Youtube video why he has a 90-day non-compete clause instead of the standard 30-day non-compete NXT Superstars get. 

In his latest video, Busick explained the reasoning behind his clause being 60 days longer than his colleagues. (h/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful)

Biff went on to explain, “I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I have a 90-day no-compete rather than a 30-day no-compete. When I wrestled for 205 Live, the show used to travel around SmackDown so when I got called to 205 Live, I re-signed a contract to a main roster contract. Rather than have a 30-day no-compete that’s in the NXT contract, my contract became a 90-day no-compete clause. I just wanted to clear that up.”

Oney was a member of 205 Live which was doing live events with Smackdown back in 2019. Lorcan was seen making appearances on the newer version of 205 Live, usually featuring NXT stars, until his shocking release.

Oney has decided to go back to the name Biff Busick and has already booked his first event post-WWE. He will be a part of xWx’s 16 Carat Gold tournament happening in March 2022.

Biff who is very connected and well liked within the industry will have a lot of opportunities when he is able to get out and work again. Whether it be a wrestling school or independent dates, it is safe to say Biff will be in demand.