Jim Cornette Believes CM Punk Or Bryan Danielson Should Be The Next AEW Champion

There is no question that Adam Page has secured a top Spot in AEW. His in-ring work and his Charisma have drawn in many fans making him a favorite to many, and it also helps when he is put in great storylines alongside the likes of Kenny Omega and the beloved faction “The Dark Order”.

Since Page’s return from a short hiatus in which HangMan and his wife welcomed their first child, Page is now the number one contender for the AEW Championship after winning the Casino Laddar Match on AEW’s Dynamite Anniversary Show. Page is now set to face Champion Kenny Omega At FullGear, But it looks like Jim Cornette has some opinions on this decision.

While speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast, Jim Cornette talked about Adam Page facing off against Kenny Omega. Cornette wondered why Page might become the next AEW World Champion instead of bigger names such as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

“I have no idea why in the f*** that the next World Title change wouldn’t be to one or the other of either CM Punk or Bryan Danielson. Because they had Page in the spot, but all of a sudden it is like when you have got the really talented guy in the high school drama class that you want to star in the school play.

“But then suddenly, a real professional actor from college gets somehow left behind, and he shows up instead. Well, you gotta go with that guy.”

Jim Cornette is not one to hold his opinion when it comes to the wrestling business. He has been very critical of the AEW product in both positive and negative ways. Cornette has especially been vocal on how AEW has used CM Punk since his debut for the company and has more recently taken a few shots at Adam Cole on Twitter.

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