How Having a Heel as a Champion is Affecting the WWE

How Having a Heel as a Champion is Affecting the WWE

Roman Reigns is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and this article aims to discuss how Roman’s reign as champion affects the WWE. Roman began his WWE career in 2012 after getting noticed by Triple H and joining NXT before making his main roster debut in November 2013. He has since developed to become the biggest draw in professional wrestling.

Roman was initially a member of The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Roman was outed as the one to betray his Shield brothers by aligning with Triple H, thus creating a rivalry between Roman and Ambrose. Roman Reigns has since used winning many titles, including Money in the Bank Briefcase, WWE Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and now WWE World Heavyweight Title, and propelling him up the rankings of “the good guys” in the WWE.

Roman Reigns is a divisive figure due to his lack of personality and the fact that WWE seems to be trying too hard to make Roman a legitimate star. Roman has a good look and decent mic skills, but he is not what Vince McMahon envisioned when he took over WCW and made them an entertaining alternative to the WWF.

Roman is not a ‘Vince McMahon guy. Roman’s only saving grace right now is the fact that Roman has had good matches on PPV with top guys like Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, and Brock Lesnar. Roman lost to Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 but received praise for his performance. Roman also beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 32 in a title vs. career match which Roman earned a spot in via winning the Royal Rumble.

So Roman Reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title was a good thing for Roman. It allowed Roman to be elevated to the level of ‘top guy’ while also fighting and defending his belt regularly. Roman is still not a ‘legitimate’ main event guy. Roman is still not ‘over.’ Roman is now the man to watch and will seemingly continue to do things to elevate his status. 

Reigns will need to continue putting on epic title defenses like Roman did with AJ Styles and beat long-time top guys like Triple H and Brock Lesnar. If he is to gain the acclaim of previous heavyweight champions by, for example, having games in casinos like  he will have to do much more.

Roman needs to prove that he can be someone Vince McMahon wants Roman Reigns to be, Roman has the tools, and WWE needs Roman Reigns to use them. Roman should not worry about being booed or having his matches downgraded if he is to take the next step up the ladder of WWE’s top guys.

Roman Reigns as the heel is not something I want to witness; Roman is at his best when he is cheered, which means that WWE needs to give the people what they want and turn Roman heel or switch him back being a heel. If this does not happen then, it will be wasted potential on behalf of the company and wasting an opportunity with how big of a marketable show WWE could be with Roman as the main star.

With Roman as the main star of WWE, the company will likely continue to do good business at the box office, and this is because Roman does have an ounce of charisma about him, but it seems like WWE want more than this for their ‘chosen one.’ WWE is trying too hard to have Roman be that next big thing, and this is something I feel has been overlooked due to how WWE needs Roman Reigns to succeed.

Roman’s title reign as champion will help the company in the short term, but should he not take the next step up soon, WWE may start to lose interest and momentum with their ‘chosen one.’ 

Many fans feel WWE is overhyping Roman Reigns so much.

WWE has done an excellent job with Roman’s character, even for a short amount of time. He is not someone who stole the show in terms of WrestleMania 32, but he did put on a good title match with Triple H and an epic win vs. Lesnar.

WWE needs to be patient with Roman and get the most they can from him. WWE has similar problems with Rusev, which is a shame because if given more time, Rusev will grow into someone who could become ‘the new big thing.’WWE should not force Roman Reigns to be the main event star, and WWE should not try and make him the next Stone Cold, The Rock, or John Cena; because we all know Vince McMahon tried that with CM Punk first, and it did not work. Roman Reigns is okay, but if WWE wants Roman to be the next big thing, they need to allow Roman more time and give him a chance to grow into that role.