Trey Miguel Signs For Catalyst Wrestling Debut Replacing Mance Warner Following Injury

Photo: Catalyst Wrestling

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Eyes Sapphire Gold On November 5th.

Earlier this week, Mance Warner suffered a terrible ankle injury [Support Mance VIA PWT]. Following the injury, Catalyst Wrestling management went searching through what is known as the Forbidden Crawlspace to find an opponent for Steve Gibki for Friday November 5th in Ridgefield Park, NJ.

Following his winning the Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship, world traveled Trey Miguel has stepped in at the 11th hour to take the Sapphire Television Championship back with him to Ohio and leave the Jersey Muscle Jock, Steve Gibki with his first singles loss in almost two years.

Gibki and Miguel headline a card featuring Jordan Oliver looking to take the Catalyst Wrestling Freestyle Championship from GhostShadow, the first ever Slam Jam Tag Team Gauntlet, as well as Colby Corino defending his Catalyst Wrestling championship against an unnamed opponent.

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