Eric Bishoff Calls Out AEW For Patting Themselves On The Back

AEW has proved that it can move the needle of entertainment and has secured its place and has shifted from its identity as the alternative. One person who has been highly critical of the brand is wrestling veteran and former WCW head Eric Bishoff.

While speaking to GOW Media, WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff talked about AEW and WWE’s current competition. Bischoff stated that AEW is simply patting themselves on the back for a meaningless win.

“AEW are patting themselves on the back and cracking champagne in the locker room just for the fact that they delivered 1.1 million viewers on Wednesday night. WWE brought in 2.3 million last Friday night. In context, what does 1/10th of a percentage in a specific demo really mean? It means you got clickbait, it creates the feeling that ‘oh there’s a war coming’.

Everybody wants the Monday Night Wars to be back so bad that they are picking and choosing little elements of the wrestling business to use as an example of their belief that it is really happening. Until AEW goes head to head in a real battle and takes market share from WWE, it is like me talking sh*t about Conor McGregor.”

Many fans believe the hype behind AEW will eventually die down but given the company’s recent history you will never know the next move the company will make to secure its spot as a Mainstay. Below is the full interview.

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