ICW Fight Club 23.10.2021 Match Recap and Results

BT Gunn VS Tallon Jr.

Fist bump to start and BT Gunn is showing his oddity status by starting off wrestling lucha style with quick exchanges and tackles, finally he shows his power and throws Tallon Jr into the corner for huge chops. Tallon escapes the corner and throws Gunn out the ring, then goes for a top rope moonsault to the outside but only gets half of it and clatters his leg on the guard rail. That looked nasty. Back in the ring and again to the top rope as Gunn kicks Tallon Jr from the top rope to the outside and then brings a chair into the ring. He throws talon back into the ring and he rolls onto the chair where Gunn pins him but only for a two count. Gunn pulls up Tallon’s arm and hits a massive chop to the ribs. The chair gets knocked out of the ring without being used. Tallon gets to his feet and chops Gunn then hits a windmill kick Tallon Jr goes for the lionsault but gets kicked in the face by Gunn. Tallon grabs Gunn and hits a dragon suplex he goes for a shoulder block but Gunn reverses it into a Gunn shot 1,2 Tallon kicks out, Gunn goes to lock in his submission but Tallon Jr School boys Gunn 1.2.3.

Your Winner by pinfall Tallon Jr.

Kai Williams King (with King Killa) VS Luke Kyro

King starts things with a low blow to Kyro but Kyro gets King into the corner for a flurry of kicks and a snap neck breaker for a two count. Kyro gets grabbed by King Killa from the outside and dropped, King poses over Kyro and out comes Adam Maxted. “ If you’re going to pose do it properly” The match restarts as a Tag Team Match

KOE VS Luke Kyro & Adam Maxted

Kyro and Killa are in the ring, Kyro gets thrown into the corner and hit with a double team kick to the head. KOE cut off the ring with quick tags, Kyro slips out of the way and goes for the Tag, but Killa runs and kicks Maxted off the apron further isolating Kyro. Body slam from King onto Kyro 1-2 kickout. A big uppercut from King and another 2 count. Kyro hits a Hurricanrana onto King and sends him into killa to put both members of KOE down. Kyro makes the hot tag to Maxted. Maxted is a house on fire with kicks, slams and some of his beautiful drop kicks. Maxted hits a missile dropkick and a snap German suplex on king then a big spinebuster but Killa attacks from behind. Maxted no sells three chops from Killa and Beell tosses him across the ring. Drop kick to King and Maxted tags in Kyro. Kyro with the Kryoscope 1.2.3. A handshake between the winners.

Your winners by pinfall Luke Kyro & Adam Maxted

Saquib Ali VS Logan Smith

Collar and Elbow tie up to start, Saquib takes Smith into a headlock but Smith throws him with an arm drag and a head scissors and then a sweet lariat. Smith climbs to the top rope but out comes Aaron Echo and beats down both men and does a rambling 5-minute promo where he says pretty much nothing.

No Contest.

The Nine9 VS Thatcher’s Cabinet

Dickie Divers and Ian Skinner lock up, Divers out powers Skinner but Skinner’s Catch skills prove better as Skinner locks up Divers wrist and takes control until Divers hits a low blow. Divers runs the ropes, but Thatcher grabs his ankle Charles Vyce tags in and uses quick tags to isolate Davies Divers gets to his corner and tags in Morris who flies from corner to corner crushing the Cabinet and getting a two count on Ian Skinner. Morris hits a hard slam for another two count. Vyce tags in and stomps down Morris. Vyce with the tag and Morris suplexes both members of the Cabinet. Morris headlocks Vyce, skinner headlocks Morris and Divers headlocks Skinner so all four men are connected. Vyce drops and hits a chin crusher on all three of the others. Vyce takes over with a heel kick and a lariat, but the Nine9 hit their double team spiral on him for a two count. Thatcher Wright distracts the Nine9 and the cabinet hit stereo superkicks 1,2 kickout from Morris. Out comes DCT to interrupt the Cabinet and stop Thatcher Wright from using the Book. With the distraction the Nine9 hit a double team stomp from the top rope on Vyce for the 1.2.3. afterwards out come the Kings of the North to stake their claim to the belts.

Your Winners by Pinfall the Nine9.

L.J.Cleary VS Leighton Buzzard VS Andy Wild VS Jaxn

Leighton starts by trying to team up with Jaxn who hits him with a massive DDT, Wild and Jaxn square off until L.J. Cleary double drop kicks them. Jaxn slams Cleary and its back to the heavy weights. Buzzard tries the same double drop kick and misses. Wild and Jaxn take turns smashing buzzard from pillar to post. Jaxn then tries to submit Wild with the cross face but he gets to the ropes. Jaxn isolates Wild’s arm and shoulder with stomps and stretches. Cleary comes back into the ring, Jaxn puts him in the corner and then puts buzzard in the corner for the 10 punches, then onto Cleary for the 10 punches. Then Wild gets the ten punches then clearey gets another 10 punches, then Buzzard gets 10 and then Wild gets 10 punches until finally Jaxn collapses in the middle of the ring exhausted. Cleary and Buzzard then clear the ring and have a quick lucha style exchange but Wild comes back in and levels them both, Wild suplexes both men at once then throws Buzzard over the top rope onto Jaxn. Wild and Jaxn both end up back in the ring Wild with the irish whip into the corner and gets a two count on Jaxn. Cleary comes back in and gets suplexed by Wild then beelled across the ring. Cleary starts to fight back but Buzzard hits him from behind, Clearey hits a cross body onto Wild then Jaxn gets Cleary and buzzard into a double ring of Saturn But Wild breaks up the submission with a Dad Bomb onto all three opponents. All four hit strike after strike, Buzzard grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Clearey’s leg and Jaxn’s head. Wild stops buzzard from crushing Cleary’s ankle and gets smacked. Cleary grabs Buzzard and hits a destroyer 1.2.3.

Leighton Buzzard is Eliminated

Cleary is obviously limping on the damaged right leg. Jaxn grabs him and hits a massive shoulder breaker from the top rope Wild then hits the stricken Cleary with the Dad Bomb 1.2.3.

L.J.Cleary is eliminated.

Wild and Jaxn Square up to each other. Collar and elbow tie up Wild is the stronger man this time and throws Jaxn across the ring, one, two, kickout. Jaxn is up and hits a cross body onto Wild who fights back with a push kick, the two powerhouses swap strikes and fight into the corner Wild has the advantage and goes for the Dad Bomb, but his shoulder gives out and he drops to the mat, Jaxn with a headbutt and both men go down, Wild misses with another Dad Bomb and Jaxn goes to the top rope and hits a flying double elbow onto Wilds chest for a two count. Jaxn then locks in the cross face and hooks both arms back forcing wild to pass out.

Your winner and advancing to the World Championship match against Kez Evans. Jaxn

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Written By Daniel Allen of the Tea and Tights Podcast, You can follow Daniel on twitter @BigDaddyDanTT