Exclusive: The Briscoes Talk About Their GCW Tag Team Title Match This Weekend; Says GCW Has That Old “ECW Flame”

The Briscoe Brothers are War Ready.

The 11 time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, Mark and Jay Briscoe made their Game Changer Wrestling debut on October 9th, 2021 at Fight Club in Atlantic City, NJ when they came out and challenge GCW Tag Team Champions Mance Warner & Matthew Justice – Second Gear Crew following their six-man tag match.

GCW later announced that The Briscoe Brothers will challenge Second Gear Crew for the Tag Team Titles at GCW’s War Ready event in Los Angeles this Saturday night, October 23rd.

Bodyslam.net correspondent “Baltimore” Jack caught up with Mark and Jay Briscoe this past weekend at Baltimore Celebfest 2, and asked the former ROH Tag Champs about their upcoming GCW Tag Title match this Saturday against Mance Warner and Matthew Justice. The Briscoes said that they are here to take the titles.

They also said that GCW has “that flame” and reminds them of the old days of ECW.

What was it like getting that kind of reaction in SGC’s Territory?

Jay Briscoe:  “We comin’. We coming’. We here to take the titles. We need to get strapped up, and that’s what we gonna do.”

Mark Briscoe:  “What we do is tag team rasslin’. 21 years now, tag team rasslin’, tag team action baby. And GCW.. little known.. formerly known as JCW. You lookin’ at the former JCW Light Heavyweight Champion.. We was in Garfield, NJ back in 2002.. Shoot.. talkin’ bout their neighborhood.. shoot. I understand that, but we talkin’ bout the North East indies.”

Jay Briscoe:  “We OG’s in the game, baby. OG’s in the game.”

Mark Briscoe:  “This is North East Indies, and I like how GCW get down. They got that flame ya know what I mean? That old ECW.. that flame.” 

Who do you think the GCW ruleset might end up favoring?

Jay Briscoe:  “Shiiiiittttttt…. I mean Shiiieeeettttt.”

Mark Briscoe:  “Them boys rough, and them boys tough, but hey… It ain’t even.. “

Jay Briscoe:  “Tune in to find out. Tune in to find out. “

GCW’s War Ready takes place this Saturday live from the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, California on FITE TV by clicking the link HERE.

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