ICW Fight Club 16.10.21 – Recap and Results

We start by confirming that the fan attack from last week was by Bellator MMA fighter Chris Bungard. This leads onto Jason Reid calling him out for a match at Fear & Loathing.

Jimmy Pierce VS Eddie Castle (with the Manifesto)

Both wrestlers are in purple and black trousers looking almost like a tag team. Castle locks up and grabs the wrist, but Pierce comes back with a leap off the second rope and repeated forearms, he hits a huge drop kick from the top rope then The Manifesto start to put him off with their chains and Castle takes over, hitting a German suplex for a two count. He stomps on and beats down Pierce but gets surprised with a back slide which just angers castle even more. Pierce hits a baseball slide on Grant MacIver, who is at ringside, then spins to attack Castle, but Castles’ strikes are just too much for him and he goes down for another close two count. Pierce gets up and hits a GTS out of nowhere, he goes under the ring and grabs a Kendo stick, but Dylan Thorne is hiding under the ring and stops him re-entering to go after Castle. Castle hits pierce with a kick to the face then a flying DDT for the 1,2,3. The Manifesto then wrap Pierce up with their chain and kidnap him.

*Your winner of the match by pin fall Eddie Castle.

Martin McAllister & Daro VS The Kings of the North

Coming back after 12 months away the fans are overjoyed to see KOTN. McAllister and Corvin start the match & Corvin just stomps a mudhole in McAllister then tags in Bonesaw who follows up with chops and strikes in the corner. Bonesaw hits the biggest chop this side of Walter and McAllister goes down. Corvin comes back in and with quick tags the KOTN decimate McAllister who mercifully gets to tag in Daro, who is immediately turned inside out by Bonesaw’s clothesline. More quick tags by KOTN beat Daro down completely they hit their ‘Join the Murder’ two man spinning neckbreaker and its over 1.2.3, KOTN start their run for the Tag team championships here.

*Your winners by pin fall Kings of The North

Emily Hayden VS Rhio in a Women’s World Championship Tournament Match.

Hayden jumps the bell on the outside of the ring and smashes Rhio’s arm into the barricade. Back in the ring she stretches the arm around the middle and bottom ropes, and we finally get a bell to start the match. Hayden puts on an arm bar and wrenches back but Rhio manages to get to her feet and flattens Hayden with a wheel kick Hayden is immediately back on the injured arm. Rhio breaks away hits a step-up kick and then a spinning DDT 1.2.3.

*Your winner by pinfall and continuing in the Womens Championship Tournament. Rhio

Theo Doros & Ravie Davie VS Sweeney & Levi

Doros takes down Levi from the start with waist locks and wrist locks with Doros in full control of Levi’s arm. Doros puts on a headlock, but Levi escapes and hits a flying European uppercut, a big forearm strike and a leg lariat for a two count. Sweeney tags in & Doros dives to tag in Ravie Davie. Sweeney overpowers Davie with strikes and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Davie strikes back hitting a Pele kick and a lionsault but only gets a one count. Doros tags in and goes for the low blow but Sweeney blocks it and hits back with a lariat. He tags in Davie and Sweeney tags in Levi who flies in with a top rope bulldog for a close two count. Davie goes and brings in a steel chair, but Doros grabs it away from his partner meanwhile Levi tags in Sweeney who grabs Davie and hits the Baldo Bomb for the 1.2.3. Afterwards Doros berates Davie for not following traditional rules. Davey gives an impassioned promo on what the fans want until Doros hits him with the chair.

*Your winners by pin fall Sweeney and Levi.

Daz Black VS Lou King Sharp for the Zero G Championship

Sharp comes to the ring with a Kendo stick and a legitimate handshake for Black. The Bell rings and Sharp goes for the Kendo stick strikes but Black avoids them hits multiple kicks and knocks Sharp out of the ring. Black flies over the top rope taking out sharp on the outside he goes on to throw Sharp around the ringside area into chairs, stairs and the barriers. Black goes back into the ring and goes to fly through the top and middle ropes but Sharp violently throws a chair into Blacks face. Sharp goes on to smash Black’s back with the chair and then throws him into the ring for more chair shots to the ankle and neck. Black groggily stands and has the chair thrown into his face again. Sharp goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count. Sharp locks in a headlock but when Black starts to mount some offence Sharp goes for the Kendo stick again forcing Black out of the ring and hitting him every time he tries to get back in. Finally Black sneaks into the ring and hits a savant kick levelling Sharp, both men are down but Black gets back up with the Kendo stick. Three big hits on sharp with the stick followed by a massive European uppercut and Black hits a running shooting star press with a chair!!! This gets him a close two count. Black goes for a somersault off the top ropes but Sharp hits him in mid-air with the Kendo stick He places a chair on Blacks head and repeatedly hits it with the Kendo stick he then sits Black on the chair and goes for a cross body but Black escapes and hits a curb stomp on Sharp through the chair for the 1.2.3.

*Your winner and still Zero G champion Daz Black.

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