What John Cena Does In His Free Time

What John Cena Does in His Free Time

It came as no surprise to see John Cena heading back into the squared circle recently. After all, he has never truly distanced himself from his first love. But during his stints away, Cena’s stock on the silver screen has continued to rise, becoming a bone-fide movie star. Much like his one time in ring adversary, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The similarities between Cena and The Rock are undeniable, with the pair achieving so much across both entertainment industries. But Cena is the only one who has stepped away from sports entertainment and come back for more than a cameo appearance. Highlighted by the hectic schedule of matches he’s undertaken in the WWE this summer.

Having such a packed calendar both in ring and onscreen, it’s difficult to see how the 44-year-old has time to do anything else. But, Cena certainly loves to pack in the activities. No matter if it’s by helping out those in need or taking to the tarmac at high speed.

Charity champion
Not only has Cena won everything in the ring, he’s a real champion for those less fortunate. Make-A-Wish Foundation, look to provide opportunities for young people who are suffering with life-threatening illnesses and Cena is always happy to help. He’s an inspiration for youngsters across the US and is the only celebrity to have granted over 650 wishes for the charity.

Automobile admiration
The wrestler loves his cars and he says that his Rolls Royce Phantom is, the ultimate display of luxury. That’s evident as it has almost every possible optional extra added to its interior. But his love of cars extends into racing too. Cena was the pace car driver at the Daytona 500 in 2016, and the sport has heavily influenced his purchasing choices. Some of his vehicles are genuine legends of Nascar. While people may recognize the 1970 Plymouth Superbird from Disney’s Cars movie, it was also a winner in the hands of Richard Petty – one of the best drivers in the sport. So of course, Cena just had to have it amongst his collection at his Florida home.

Poker player
While it may be past its heyday, the World Series Of Poker remains a major event welcoming legendary pros and amateur hopefuls alike. Cena was snared by the card game during its mid 2000’s boom and that interest has stuck. He admitted in an interview that he had a certain admiration for players, who need to have a certain attitude and desire to remain focussed to succeed. Aligning with his own ethos of never giving up. Although he’s yet to emerge as a player at the World Series, Cena has dipped his toe into the world of online poker with some success.

Lover of language
Cena can speak multiple languages; his desire to expand his vocabulary extends to French, Punjabi and Mandarin. Recently his ability to communicate with those from overseas was needed after a little geographical mistake. Cena referred to Taiwan as a country whilst promoting Fast and Furious 9. However some Chinese people took offence to the comment, as they see it as part of their territory. The WWE star immediately took to social media to apologize, speaking Mandarin of course, and soon all was forgiven.