Progress Chapter 124: Cake Horn – Preview

Progress Wrestling return to the WWE Network this weekend with another huge 9 match line up that includes a tag team championship match, plus the final two first round matches for the Revelations Of Divine Love Tournament.

Lizzy Evo vs Raven Creed

Both Lizzy Evo and Raven Creed were eliminated from the first round of the Revelations Of Divine Love tournament by Alexxis Falcon and Mercedez Blaze respectively. Both competitors will be looking to bounce back immediately, especially Lizzy who will be looking to pick up her first win in a Progress ring, whereas Creed will be looking to get back to her winning ways having defeated Taonga on her debut.

Luke Jacobs vs Kienen

Kienen returns to Progress and must be wondering what he did wrong backstage, having to face yet another member of North West Strong, after facing Chris Ridgeway in his debut. Kienen must now face Luke Jacobs who will be looking to make a statement after loosing his Progress Championship match to Cara Noir at the last chapter.

Gene Munney vs Danny Black

Danny Black fought valiantly against Charlie Sterling but the smaller Black truly struggled to over come the size difference, Black once again has a man mountain to climb in Gene Munney, will the size difference be Black’s downfall.

Sunshine Machine vs LK Mezinger and Sandy Beach

This will be the second time the team of Mezinger and Beach have teamed together, managing to push the former Progress champions Lykos Gym, can the unorthodox pairing over come the experience of the Sunshine Machine? Sunshine Machine will be looking to pick up some momentum as they look to climb the tag team rankings for a shot a the tag team champions.

Revelation Of Divine Love First Round Match

Rhio vs Lana Austin

Rhio makes her debut for progress having been impressing in the North West region, the Leeds native was trained at Rampage Brown’s Wrestling School. Lana Austin is a true veteran of the women’s division in particular in the North East. Lana will be looking to use this tournament to finally become a main player in Progress’ women’s division.

Dan Maloney, Man Like Dereiss and Jody Fleisch vs Warren Banks and Lykos Gym

Maloney and Fleisch have put their previous animosity towards each other to one side to battle their common foe, in a classic ‘the enemy of enemy is my friend’. This is after Lykos Gym and Warren Banks partnered up at the previous chapter to ensure they won their matches against the 0121 and Fleisch respectively.

Ethan Allen vs Elijah

Allen and Elijah once again lock horns after battling it out on the previous chapter with Allen coming out the victor, following the match Charles Crowley decreed that he now knows how Elijah could defeat Allen, leading to this rematch.

Revelations of Divine Love First Round Match

Skye Smitson vs Laura Di Matteo

Smitson gave it her best shot on her debut in loosing effort against the current Progress women’s champion Gisele Shaw, she’ll be looking to get another shot at the champion this time with the title on the line if she can win the tournament. Like Smitson, Laura Di Matteo’s last appearance in a progress ring was a loss to the current Progress women’s champion, so she will also be looking to earn another shot spurned on by the fact she does have a previous victory over Gisele Shaw.

Tag Team Championship Match

Kings Of The North vs The Smoking Aces

The Kings of the North, Bonesaw and Damien Corvin make their return to Progress after 3 years, having only made one solitary appearance for Progress at Chapter 73 where they faced British Strong Style’s Trent Seven and Pete Dunne. Since winning the Tag Team Championships Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley have wanted to take on challenges wanting to face the best of British Tag Teams. They have that in the Kings Of North, who are the longest running TNT Extreme Wrestling Tag Team champions with most successful defences and have also held the OTT tag team championships on 4 occasions

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Progress wrestling Chapter 124: Cake Horn will be available to stream via the Peacock Streaming Service on the 16th of October from 12pm EST in the US and the WWE Network from 5pm BST everywhere else.

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