NXT UK – Recap and Results – 10/14/21

Blair Davenport vs Stevie Turner

Turner heads straight for Davenport but is cut off getting into the ring, a quick reversal from Turner and 3 boots to the face puts Turner in control, but its short lived as a clever escape from Davenport giving her the momentum she needed and took advantage with some hard hitting offence. Turner is able to muster a come back getting a couple of near falls but some strong style offence from Davenport just becomes too much for Turner, Davenport is able to connect with a Kamagyoye into a falcon driver to pick up the pin fall.

*Blair Davenport Defeated Stevie Turner by pin fall

Following the match Davenport takes to the microphone to address the rest of the Women’s division asking if she made herself clear.

Jinny is called to Sid Scala’s Office and is told that Meiko Satomura has accepted her challenge and they will fight with the title on the line in 3 weeks time.

Flash Morgan Webster vs Sha Samuels

Webster is able to use his pace landing several impactful moves as Sha cannot get out of the gate but one swift right hand and the whole match changed as Samuels used his size and strength picking up flash and driving him into the mat with force. Webster keeps himself in the match as he can hear the crowd cheering and chanting for him as he doesn’t back down, firing up, he quickens the pace hitting a flurry of high risk offence and Samuels’ is rocked by huge running knee from Webster, before flying from the top rope to the outside colliding with Samuels. Back in the ring he is unable to get the pin fall, Webster tries to keep up the offence but Sha is able to capture Webster coming off of a spring board into a thunderous Spine buster to pick up the win by pin fall.

*Sha Samuels defeated Flash Morgan Webster by pin fall

Nina Samuels’ Show sets up, Samuels tries to interview Xia Brookside bringing up all the recent losses but Xia points out that Samuels had also lost to all those opponents, Samuels would then challenge Brookside to take on Aleah James.

Gallus goes to Sid Scala’s office where Jordan Devlin is getting Scala to arrange a rematch between him self and Joe Coffey with Wolfgang and Mark Coffey barred from ringside.

NXT UK Championship match

Ilja Dragunov vs A – Kid

A cautious approach from both competitors as the go move for move hold for hold with some incredible mat wrestling neither able to assert dominance, Ilja shows off his strength lifting A kid and dumping him back down. A Kid is able to answer back. They finally start to let loose with huge shots back and forth as A Kid hits a flurry of Leg kicks, but Ilja is able to answer with huge chops and a clubbing clothesline. Both unleash venom with everything they do, A Kid works on Dragunov’s arm as Dragunov attacks A Kids Legs, the fans fully enjoying the back and forth action. Dragunov is finally able to gain some sort of control, a huge spinning chop to the leg of A Kid as he just continues to follow up, laser focussed on taking out the leg of A-Kd. Dragunov hits a huge gotch lift into a powerbomb but A Kid kicks out the pin fall attempt and is able to transition into an arm bar, Dragunov’s arm is damaged, giving A Kid a moment to come back hitting a huge German sulpex but A Kid struggles to follow up due to the damage caused by Dragunov, Dragunov beckons A Kid to attack him. Both men giving it all they’ve got, trading big move after big move. A Kid gets a near fall with a fisherman’s suplex. The two battle back to their feet, both visibly exhausted, Dragunov’s chops have been weakened but so have A-Kid’s kicks. Neither man can seem to keep the other down as they trade near falls the crowd chants ‘this is awesome’. Dragunov goes for a top rope Senton but A Kid moves, hitting a huge super kick and as A-Kid attempts a submission Dragunov is able to break the sleeper hold, A-Kid goes to top rope but Dragunov blocks and is able to hit a huge avalanche exploder suplex, the crowd chants once again. Dragunov tries for the torpedo Moscow but A-Kid lands a huge kick, somehow Dragunov kicks out, A Kid transitions to submission once again, Dragunov tries to shake A Kid off but A Kid hangs on, he cannot lock in a submission. Dragunov hits a torpedo Moscow to the leg, following it with another Torpedo Moscow to get the pin fall win.

*Ilja Dragunov defeated A-Kid by pin fall

After the match Dragunov beckons A-Kid to his feet to shake his hand in a sign of respect.

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