Jim Cornette Blasts AEW For How CM Punk Is Being Used

CM Punk made his return to the wrestling world back in August during AEW’s “The First Dance” Rampage Special that was held in Punks hometown of Chicago. Since his debut with the company he has been present for every show and has had some great matches against the likes of Darby Allen, Will Hobbs, and Daniel Garcia.

Despite his great comeback, it looks like a vet of the wrestling world thinks Punk may be being used by AEW.

While speaking on his podcast, Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette criticized CM Punk’s formatting on AEW Rampage and stated that the company is simply using him to boost ratings on the show.

“But the reason why Punk was wrestling on this program is due to the ratings plummeting when Punk don’t wrestle on the program, but the problem besides the formatting, which we will gonna talk about in a second, I understand what they are trying to do.

They are trying to get some eyeballs on this show. They need to have an excuse for CM Punk to be wrestling on this show, but they cannot give away, the dream matches on Friday Night Rampage. They are trying to serve the master of the ratings and etc., but at least if you are gonna do it, format the thing right.”

While Punks match with Daniel Garcia was one for the ages it was not shown in the ratings, and now we will have to see what’s next for Punk.

Below is the full episode of the Drive-Thru Podcast.

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