NXT UK Preview

Plenty of action on tonight’s NXT UK including the conclusion of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament as Noam Dar and Wolfgang battle it out to become the No. 1 Contender for Tyler Bate’s Heritage Championship. Plus two more matches on offer as Emelia McKenzie and Jinny will collide one on one as well as Sub Culture’s Mark Andrews looks to get some revenge as he takes on Sam Gradwell.

Emilia McKenzie vs Jinny

Emilia McKenzie and Jinny clashed back stage as McKenzie trained with NXT UK Women’s champion Meiko Satomura last week, when Jinny accused McKenzie of being pathetic for playing second fiddle to Meiko Satomura.

Sam Gradwell vs Mark Andrews

Sam Gradwell has made Subculture his latest target of aggression first defacing their spray painting Murial 2 weeks ago and last week seemingly breaking Mark Andrews’ Skateboard after Andrews interrupted Gradwell’s interview with the broken skateboard.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Final

Noam Dar vs Wolfgang

Noam Dar made his way to the final after defeating Mark Andrews in round 1 and picking up the victory over Kenny Williams in his Semi-final match up. Wolfgang on the otherhand overcame the challenge of Sam Gradwell in round 1 and followed that up with a dominant Semi-final win over Teoman.

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