TOP 5 Greatest Wrestling Themes

Themes are very important for the presentation of a wrestler and having a good is what all wrestlers want. These following themes are the best of the best and all are great songs to listen.

5. Hiroshi Tanahashi – Love & Energy

Love & Energy represents so well Hiroshi Tanahashi and what he is all about. The guitar solo especially works so well and makes you want to air guitar just like The Ace of NJPW.

4. Mitsuharu Misawa – Spartan X

When you hear Spartan X before a match, you know this is going to be epic and this is what Misawa was all about. Misawa’s theme is timeless and would work in any ear of wrestling and that’s what makes it great.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin – I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

Simple, effective and most importantly, ICONIC. Austin’s theme is just perfect, every wrestling fan in the world think of this theme as soon as they hear broken glass.

2. nWo – Rockhouse

Another simple and yet effective theme. The guitar solo on this theme is just iconic. This is one of those themes all wrestling fans have heard countless times.

Honorable Mentions

Booker T- Can You Dig It?; Kazuchika Okada – Rainmaker; Jeff Hardy – No More Words; CM Punk – Cult of Personality; Bryan Danielson – Final Countdown; Chris Jericho – Judas; Bret Hart – Hart Attack; Owen Hart – High Energy, Shinsuke Nakamura – Subconscious and Midnight Express’ theme.

1. Akira Hokuto – Oro de Ley By Luis Miguel

When you put together one of the greatest singers of all time (Luis Miguel) and one of the best wrestlers of all times (Akira Hokuto) together, the only result possibly is magic and this is the result of this unexpected pairing.

Hokuto used to be married to luchador Talisman and that’s how her love for Mexican music began.