Progress Chapter 123: The Taking Of Peckham – Recap, Results and Review

Progress Wrestling returned to WWE Network this week with Chapter 123: The Taking Of Peckham which featured an incredible 9 match card, that included two opening round matches of the Relevations of Love Tournament plus a Progress Championship Match in the main event.

LK Mezinger vs Charles Crowley

*Charles Crowley defeated LK Mezinger by submission.

Mezinger started well forcing Crowley to the outside, Mezinger hit a suicide dive but unfortunately injured his shoulder doing so, Crowley starts working over his arm forcing Mezinger to fight from underneath. Mezinger hits a quick snap German suplex and running cannonball allowing Mezinger to get back into the match but Crowley once again goes for the arm again, Mezinger hits a snap dragon suplex and fireman’s carry into a senton but cannot follow up with the moonsault. Crowley takes advantage once again locking in the Weasel clutch (a tringle choke/mandible claw combo) forcing Mezinger tap out, picking up the win in his first singles match for Progress Wrestling.

A good opening match, Mezinger is so unorthodox with his offence, this was the first time seeing Crowley as singles performer and he showed exactly what he is capable of, he is more than just a character he is a really good wrestler.

Chris Ridgeway vs Big Guns Joe

*Chris Ridgeway defeated Bug Guns Joe by Pin Fall.

Joe starts well over powering Ridgeway, picking up Ridgeway with ease and hitting a hard scoop slam but its not long before Ridgeway’s superior wrestling kicks in, as he starts to tie Joe up in knots. Joe is able to power his way back into the match with a suplex, Joe hits a pop up powerbomb and is able to get a two count of the subsequent pin, he goes for the boston crab but Ridgeway easily escapes transitions into an ankle lock. Joe attempts an arm trapped belly to belly but Ridgeway lands a clean headbutt following up with penalty kick punt to Joe’s face, Joe is able to kick out at two. Ridgeway unleashes a torrent of strikes and kicks, he finally unmercifully puts an end to the match with punt to back of Joe’s head picking up the win by pinfall and sending a message to Progress Champion Cara Noir.

This was a quick match but a great match, Joe got to put some good offence in showing off his power but this was about showing how dangerous Chris Ridgeway’s technique and strikes are and it did just that.

Jody Flecisch vs Warren Banks

*Warren Banks defeated Jody Fleisch by pin fall

Jody uses his experience to get the early advantage, however Banks quickly establishes his power game easily lifting Jody and just dumping over the top rope to the floor with ease. Banks offers Jody back into the ring but it was a ruse as Banks quickly attacks Jody trying to get back into the ring, Banks starts to take Jody appart with power based offence. Fleisch is able to use his agility to create some space, hits an incredible springboard huricanrana sending Banks to the outside. Fleicsch is able to follow it up with an outstanding springboard crossbody to the outside. A big boot from Banks puts him back in control after Fleisch misses a top rope splash, a big back breaker gets Banks a two count. Fliesch’s agile ability allows him to hit some high impact offence. The two trade off back and forth until Banks hits his bullet vehicle spear but is unable to follow up with a pin, banks hits flurry of moves include a rip cord knee strike and a Michinoku driver only to get a two count. Banks visibly frustrated allows Fleisch back into the match as he starts to take control, when out come Lykos Gym’s Kid Lykos to distract the referee and Lykos II hits Fleisch with baking tray allowing Banks to roll Fliesch up to get the pin fall.

This was an excellent match Jody Fleisch is always a consistent in the ring, Banks put in the performance of his life as they look to establish him as future star, slightly undermined by Lykos Gyms help, although this is a set up for later in the evening and subsequent show.

Ethan Allen vs Elijah with Charles Crowley

*Ethan Allen defeats Elijah by submission

Allen is able to take advantage with the early lock ups, with his technical wrestling controlling the wrist, Elijah is not given a chance to catch his breath as Allen wears him down. Elijah struggles to wrestle Allen off of him, Allen just starts to pepper Elijah with kicks forcing him out the ring Crowley tries to offer Elijah some council on the outside, Allen tries to pull him back into the ring but Elijah uses the ropes to trip Allen. Elijah swarms on Allen hitting a German Suplex and a running forearm to the back of Allen’s head gets him a two count, now its Elijah’s turn to punish Allen, Allen reverses Elijah’s attempt at an electric chair drop, strikes back and forth, Allen hits a huge clothesline, the two trade off with their best moves, each getting near falls on the other. Allen hits Crowley with a suicide dive after Elijah was once again forced to the outside, Elijah tries to take advantage of the distraction but gets caught by Allen in a crossface and is forced to tap out. Following the match Crowley grabs the Mic and says he knows how Elijah can beat Allen and therefore looked to set up a rematch for the next show.

Lizzy Evo vs Alexxis Falcon

*Alexxis Falcon defetaed Lizzy Evo by pin fall.

Lizzy takes the advantage in early lock ups but Falcon hits the first high impact move with a running bulldog followed up by a corkscrew suplex, Lizzy answers back with a clubbing clothesline. Lizzy bullies Falcon, Falcon fights back, the two warriors trade blows. Momentum is swinging back and forth, Falcon misses her sleeping beauty splits kick and Evo catches Falcon with a roundhouse but only gets a two count. Evo takes control but is unable to get the pin fall, Falcon keeps fighting back landing a round house kick but Evo answers with a German suplex, Falcon back to her feet first fires up, hitting a rope assisted neck breaker before landing the sleeping beauty kick and only getting 2 count on the pin fall attempt. Falcon goes for Falcon’s fury but Evo escapes and goes for her running knee but comes up empty, Falcon goes for Falcon’s fury once more landing it on this occasion getting the win by pinfall.

Lizzy Evo and Alexxis Falcon have been fighting all over the country and you could see it here, such great chemistry, the two knew exactly what the other brought to the match allowing for a compelling back and forth match.

Charlie Sterling vs Danny Black

*Charlie Sterling defeated Danny Black by Submission

Sterling easily out muscles Black in the opening stages, Black uses his speed and agility to hit a number of arm drags before landing a standing moonsault, Sterling easily kicked out, Black goes to top rope but is caught by Sterling who delivers a back breaker across the turnbuckle. Sterling goes straight after Back on out side hitting a big scoop slam and another back breaker the early flurry from Black seemed to anger Sterling who punishes Black’s back. Sterling lifts Black to the top rope looking for a top rope back drop but black is able to turn it in to a crossbody providing him with space to use his speed, once again allowing black to land a flurry of high impact running kicks and explosive aerial assault but he can’t keep Sterling down despite hitting his best offence. Inspite of all of Black’s offence Sterling powers his way back into control with a powerbomb to the knee, eventually lifting Black to the top rope again to hit the top rope back driver, before locking in the Texas clover leaf and Black forced to tap out.

Danny Black is incredible and he has bright future in the business, he was able to bring it in this match against Sterling however this was a man against boy, you never thought that Sterling was in any real trouble as he is a physical marvel who did great job establishing his power advantage.

Raven Creed vs Mercedez Blaze with Taonga

*Mercedez Blaze defeated Raven Creed by Pin fall.

Creed’s wild and aggressive offence takes Mercedez Blaze completely off her game even with Taonga acting as a distraction on the outside is not enough to stop Creed’s offence. Blaze is clever as she uses the ring apron to her advantage, running Creed’s back into the side of the ring before dropping her face first, this finally gives Mercedez time to lay in the punishment, hitting a surfboard stretch face stomp to get the first pinfall attempt, Creed kicked out at two. Blaze continues to go for pin fall after pin fall looking to end the match as quick as possible but Creed fights back each time landing a brutal headbutt. They start to trade back and forth, Taonga gets up on the apron to distract the referee stopping him from noticing Blaze get a roll up and was unable to count the pin Blaze looses her temper with Taonga. Whilst Blaze is distracted with Taonga Creed hits a Blue thunder bomb forcing Blaze to the outside Taonga tries to help but Blaze pushes her away. Creed throws Blaze back in the ring, playing possum Blaze is able to draw Creed in, hitting hard impact offence including a double arm suplex into the turnbuckle but Creed wouldn’t stay down. Blaze lifts Creed onto her shoulders looking for her London Bridge finisher but Creed escapes and goes to the top rope. Taonga grabs her ankle the referee tries to kick her back stage causing enough distraction for Blaze to hit the London Bridge finisher and get the pin fall.

Raven Creed impressed again she really adds a new dimension to the Progress women’s division with a great match against Blaze, the match layout was great and the distension between Blaze and Taonga added an extra layer to the story of the match, will be interesting to see where this goes.

Lykos Gym vs The 0121

*Lykos Gym defeated the 0121 by pin fall.

Lykos II and Dereiss start the contest and despite Lykos II trying to play mind games Deriess is the one who is able to get the early adavantage, tagging Maloney into the match, Lykos II is able to escape and get the tag. Maloney has the power and size advantage over Kid Lykos however due to some crafty technical wrestling, Kid Lykos is able to take Maloney down to the mat, but not for long as Maloney powers his way back into the match by lifting Kid Lykos into a Gorilla press slam. Kid Lykos switches tactics and thanks to some shenanigans he gains control, going after Maloney’s injured knee allowing Lykos Gym to work over Maloney’s leg with some great team work. Maloney is able to get some space to tag in Deriess who comes in like a house on fire, taking on both members of Lykos Gym, singling out the legal man Lykos II, Dereiss hits a springboard meteroa for first near fall of the match. The two teams start to trade double team moves as the match devolves into chaos, both teams get near falls, as it looks like Maloney has Kid Lykos set for his Drilla out comes Warren Banks followed by Jody Fleisch to even the numbers. The distraction is enough for Kid Lyos to hit two low blows on Maloney allowing Lykos Gym to pick up the win. After the match Maloney demands the mic challenging a future 6 man tag match.

Lykos Gym are one of the best tag teams in the country and do a great job of negating their size advantage with crafty tactics allowing them be a realistic challenge to larger teams. Maloney is a beast but this match did a great job of showing off Dereiss’ physical attributes, getting the hot tag Dereiss showed of his own power and incredible athleticism. Warren Banks returning the favour to Lykos Gym for their help earlier helped set up a future 6 man tag that will be an awesome match.

Progress World Title Match

Luke Jacobs vs Cara Noir with Chris Ridgeway and Ethan Allen

*Cara Noir defeated Luke Jacobs by pin fall.

Jacobs looks to immediately take Noir to the floor on multiple occasions, leaving the two competitors to jockey on the mat for a dominant position until one goes for the rope break. Noir takes his eyes off of Jacobs for one second to look at Ridgeway, and Jacobs makes him pay with a clobbering blow as he starts to lay into Noir with heavy shot after heavy shot. Jacobs starts to bully Noir with his size and power launching him around the ring with ease. Noir tries to fight back with Kicks but gets T-Bone suplexed for his troubles. Noir finally finds a moment of space and he took full advantage going after Jacobs arm with ruthless precision in attempt to negate some of Jacobs strength, on the outside Noir lures Jacobs in who then clotheslined the ring post. Its not enough to stop the big man who continues to try and swarm Noir with his size but you can see he is struggling with his arm now, seemingly in pain every time he strikes Noir. Noir takes advantage as he sweeps Jacobs off his feet causing him crash down hard onto the mat, the two trade big move after big move before trading submissions, they literally throw everything at each other, both inside and out side the ring. Neither man willing to give up as they literally trade pin falls, Jacobs hits his clothesline from hell but Noir kicked out, Noir picks Jacobs up into a tombstone position dropping Jacobs on his head brings the match to an end as Noir finally gets the pin fall.

Jacobs is incredible a supreme wrestling machine who’s size and power allows him to hit an array of a hard hitting suplexes but also give him the ability to hit clubbing blows with his bear like foreams. Noir spent to much time paying attention to Ridgeway, who was ringside, allowing Jacobs to get in more offence, but we’ve seen Noir come back from some absolute beatings and come out on top as he did here, but more so he sent a message to Ridgeway as their rivalry looks to continue.

This was a bit of long show with 9 matches over 2hrs and 45mins but it did feature one or two matches that were PPV quality including the Main event Championship match, which was just another classic Cara Noir match. The 0121 vs Lykos Gym was a great tag match. It was Lizzy Evo and Alexxis Falcon that stole the show with an excellent match in which the two made every minute count in a reletively short match they were able to tell the story of their history and rivalry. The show also did a good job at laying the ground work for future matches, continuing the Ridgeway and Noir rivalry as well as starting a new rivalry in Lykos Gym and Warren Banks against the 0121 and Jody Fleisch plus teasing possible break up angle between Taonga and Mercedez Blaze.

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