ICW Fight Club 02/10/21 – Recap and Results

Noam Dar has been stripped of the ICW heavyweight championship! Management have announced two 4 way elimination matches with the winners of these matches facing off at Fear & Loathing for the ICW championship. The first match will be Kez Evans VS DCT VS BT Gunn Vs Jason Reed

We start with a number one contendership match for the ICW Tag team Championship

Thatcher’s Cabinet ( Ian Skinner & Charles Vyce) VS Lou King Sharp & Jimmy Peirce.

Sharp and pierce immediately jump the Cabinet members throwing them to the outside and ramming their heads together, Lou King Sharp goes for a dive to the outside, but Skinner blocks him with a stiff elbow. Pierce jumps in with an enzuigiri into a satellite DDT then pin attempt 1.2. Skinner kicks out. Quick tags from the Cabinet go on to isolate Pierce until he hits a surprise GTS on Vyce. Pierce tags in Sharp who hits a cactus clothesline on Skinner to the outside. Sharpe pulls out his Kendo Stick and batters the cabinet. Back into the ring and Pierce and Sharp hit double missile dropkicks 1.2. Thatcher Wright pulls the ref out the ring before he can finish the count. Skinner isolates Pierce then hits a double team double foot stomp to the heart of Pierce for the 1.2.3

Winners & Number one Contenders for the ICW tag team championships The Cabinet.

Caleb Valhalla VS Sheikh El Sham

Big Hoss fight to start with pushes and an exchange of shoulder blocks back and forth until El Sham hits a high dropkick to Valhalla who is sat on the top rope! El Sham hits lariats and punches then a big Slam for a 2 count. El Sham wraps up Valhalla with a sleeper and a grapevine but Valhalla fights back and hits 3 suplexs and corner splash and two lariats but still can’t put El Sham away. Valhalla goes for another lariat El Sham reverses it into a spear and misses. He goes for another spear and connects 1.2.3

Winner by Pinfall Sheikh El Sham

Logan Smith VS Daro

Lock up hold exchanges into a float over takedown into a headlock by Daro. Smith fights back with an amazing inverted backslide for a 2 count, Daro hits a hurricanrana then a flying, spinning European uppercut for another 2 count Smith fights back but Daro hits a hadouken into the corner. Smith hits Daro with a huge sit out powerbomb for a 2 count, Daro slaps smith but eats a Pele kick in return then into the ring Comes AARON ECHO attacking both men

Result No Contest

Maxie Malone VS Angel Hayze

Lock up Wrist Lock by Hayze, reversed by Malone, they swap locks multiple times until Hayze uses her quick feet and a drop kick for the first pin attempt of the match. An exchange of holds and strikes follows, a bulldog by Malone gives us another 2 count but Hayze kicks out. Malone eats an elbow then three quick elbows, two corner splashes and a sling blade 1.2. Malone kicks out. Hayze locks in the Guillotine and Malone Taps

Winner by Submission Angel Hayze

Grant McIvor ( With the Manifesto ) Vs Xero

McIvor comes out with a chain but drops it and runs across and wraps his ring jacket around Xeros head pulling him to the outside and choking him around the ropes. Xero fight back into the ring with strikes and a Russian leg sweep the Manifesto come to interfere with ADM now sat on the ramp directing traffic. McIvor attacks Xero from behind focusing on his arm, McIvor puts on a front face lock and hits a series of suplexs for a 2 count Xero fights back with headbutts and a high knee for his first 2 count. McIvor with a uranage then he grabs the chain, Xero avoids this and hits an inverted neck breaker, Xero goes for the sleeper but McIvor gets the chain and strangles Xero into unconsciousness.

Winner by TKO Grant McIvor

Daz Black VS Martin Kirby.

Huge Surprise to see Kirby coming out of retirement and the fans are elated. Lock up and an exchange of wrist control into Hammer lock exchanges, Kirby hits a big heel kick on Black, throws him into the corner and hits a big shoulder block. Daz fights back with a roundhouse kick 1.2. Kirby kicks out and rolls to the outside. Daz hits a somersault axe handle from the inside of the ring to the outside taking out Kirby, Daz throws him back in the ring & drop kicks him into the corner. They then go from corner to corner with slaps and dropkicks, Kirby gets back into it with a superkick then a jaw breaker. Daz escapes & hits a top rope tumbleweed to regain control, he then hits the running shooting star press 1.2. Kirby Kicks out Daz hits a German suplex for another 2 count. They both run the ropes and Kirby hits a neck breaker then connects with the Sable Bomb for a close 2 count. Daz fights back and hits a superkick, he then runs up Kirby’s body with a kick to the jaw, then hits a spinning powerslam. Kirby is down and Daz goes for the top rope but Kirby joins him, they jostle and Daz escapes leaving Kirby sat on the top rope, Daz leaps from the ring to hit a head scissors on to Kirby on the second rope! Curb stomp and Daz goes for the pin 1.2.3.

Winner and Still Zero G Champion Daz Black

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