Pat McAfee Says That His Lead Color Commentary Job On SmackDown Isn’t Profitable

Pat McAfee has brought new life to the commentary booth since joining Michael Cole as part of the SmackDown announce team back in April of this year.

McAfee was recently a guest on the Ariel Helwani Show, where he discussed how his new job as lead color commentator for WWE SmackDown came about. He went on to say that his commentary gig on SmackDown is not profitable for him cash wise, but that being in front of nearly three million people every week is huge, and a good commercial for him. Pat added that he does it because he loves it, enjoys it, and has so much fun.

“I think they got comfortable with me, used to me, they saw some of my content and there was a trust that was built up. When I was allowed to do the run with Adam Cole, because he broke my set and we did that whole thing — you always have to do this, every single day with everybody, but I think I was able to build up some trust with people about like, ‘Hey, I do understand a little bit about the business, not enough to act like I’m a genius or anything like that, but I know what is potentially a good because I do a show literally every single day. I’m not going to panic in any big moments because I’ve been in some of the largest of all time. I’m always coming from a good spot. They kind of let me do that and I’m very lucky to do that. Now, I’m getting a chance to sit next to the greatest of all-time in Michael Cole. I just go out there and have a blast. It’s not a profitable thing for me, SmackDown, aside from being in front of three million people every Friday night, which is incredibly huge and a massive commercial, but when you’re talking about strictly cash in pocket, it’s not that profitable. For me, I’m doing it, because I love it so much. I have so much fun and enjoy it.”

Pat went on to talk about what it means having Vince McMahon in his ear every week.

“There have been a couple of things, obviously, that have been told me to, ‘do this, try to do this,’ and I try to curtail it and keep it in there. Anybody who says you’re getting a chance to a hear a billionaire speak into your brain whenever you’re talking about his show and acts as if that’s a bad thing, I think it’s incredibly short-sighted. Getting a chance to chat with Vince McMahon, even if you think he’s a lunatic or whatever, he’s one of the biggest self-made dudes in the history of the world. I take it as an incredible opportunity and I’ve been in football and soccer where coaches have said terrible things to me, so I almost have a callous built up. If Vince McMahon was coming in my ear and saying some of the things that people have said that have happened in the past, my natural reaction would be to almost laugh, like, ‘this sounds bad but I get it.’ I look at it as an incredible opportunity and something that is cool. I’m very thankful they’ve let me do my own thing.”

You can check out the entire episode of the Ariel Helwani Show with guest Pat McAfee below.