Tony Khan Announces New Theme For FTR

AEW is not only known for its athletic stars and great storylines but it Is also known for all the great entrance themes the company uses for its wrestlers.

Chris Jerichos- Judas, Adam Coles- Boom, Lucha Expresses-Tarzan Boy, and CM Punks-Cult Of Personality are just a few of the many themes that fans sing along to during shows. The know entrances are a big part of the wrestler’s Persona and usually trigger huge fan reactions, especially in important times in any storyline.

It now looks like Mikey Rukus the man responsible for many of the AEW star’s entrances has produced another hot entrance for the team of FTR as earlier today Tony Khan announced the new theme, but this one is a little different. The new theme is filled with a synthesizer and is a callback to the late ’80s wrestling themes. The track is said to be inspired by the Midnight Express.

While fans may not be able to sing along to this theme it is sure to hype them up and bring back the memories of yesteryears.

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