No wrestler has capture the imagination of the AEW fans as HOOK. When HOOK shows up on every AEW show, the timelines on social media go crazy for him. HOOK is universally loved by the AEW fans, and there’s a lot of reasons.

One of the reasons HOOK is so liked by fans is because how naturally cool he is. He doesn’t need to do much to stand out because how naturally cool he is. Very few wrestlers are naturally cool and HOOK is one of them. Part of HOOK’s charm is how mysterious he is, the fans want to know more about him, but the fact there’s so little about HOOK makes him even more interesting.

HOOK has also a great look, like his hair. The man looks like he was crafted by the wrestling Gods. HOOK has the best look in wrestling and the best part is that he’s not even trying too much, unlike some others wrestlers.

Haters and losers are worried that the HOOKgang or HOOKers will be disappointed if HOOK is not a good in-ring wrestler. Being bad at the ring never stopped Hulk Hogan on becoming one of wrestling’s biggest stars ever, but don’t worry, according to several reports and interviews, HOOK is very good in-ring wise and a natural at it too by the accounts of several wrestlers like QT Marshall for example.

HOOK should already be AEW champion, but Kenny Omega is too afraid to face the leader of the HOOKGang. Everybody knows that HOOK will one day be the ace of AEW one day and take the promotion to new heights.

The AEW fans all over the world can’t wait for HOOK’s in-ring debut. When that happens, AEW will break records on viewership and demos. The HOOKgang is thriving and doing well. A special shout out to the leaders of the HOOKgang Snowboiiii and Garrett Kidney for keeping us updated for any new HOOK content available.