WWE Pitched For Adam Cole To Cut His Hair In Order To Establish New Look For Main Roster

Adam Cole’s contract with WWE expired in August, but prior to that the company had attempted to re-sign him with plans for a main roster call-up.

There were numerous pitches and ideas circulating for Adam Cole’s potential main roster debut, some of which never made it to Cole, but others did. One of the pitches that did make its way to Adam Cole’s ears was the idea to have him cut his hair to establish a new look prior to his WWE Main Roster debut.

According to a report via Fightful Select, WWE had pitched for Adam Cole to cut his long hair prior to a move to the main roster. This was an idea that Cole expressed having no interest in.

“In early talks and pitches to bring Cole to Raw or Smackdown, one of the ideas floated to Cole himself was that he could cut his hair in order to establish a new look. We’re told that Cole made it clear that he wasn’t interested in that, and the pitch wasn’t made again and by the final things thrown his way, that wasn’t among them.”

Additionally, the report also addressed previous reports that WWE had also considered Adam Cole to be a potential manager for Keith Lee on the main roster. It was said that the idea never made it to Cole himself, but that it isn’t uncommon that some creative ideas never reach talent.

“There’s been much made about Adam Cole and pitches that were made to him during meetings in his last stretch in WWE. Ringside News and Wrestling Observer spoke pitches in regards to him being a manager, but as Fightful noted, those never quite made it to Cole himself, which isn’t uncommon at all. However, we’ve learned of one pitch that did.”

It was also reported that sources within WWE that spoke to Fightful had praised Adam Cole for being incredibly open and honest about what he did or did not like creatively.

“In speaking with WWE, they continued to praise Cole for being transparent in what he did and didn’t like creatively, and how he was to deal with during his WWE exit.”

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