ICW Fight Club 25.09.21 Recap and Results

Billy Kirkwood & James R Kennedy welcome us and the live fans to this week’s ICW Fightclub

Luke Kyro vs Leyton Buzzard

Luke kyro making his entrance to face Leyton Buzzard

Leyton Buzzard VS Luke Kyro gets us started. Kyro makes Buzzard wait as he takes off his bling and entrance attire but Buzzard gets bored of this and attacks Kyro. Buzzard slows the pace with tactical strikes and slams just taking Luke Kyro apart. Kyro reverses the flow with a quick jump to the outside and a beautiful flying lariat, But Buzzard returns it with interest! Both men go to the top rope, but Kyro reverses a superplex into a rolling powerbomb buzzard goes for X marks the spot then a 450 splash for the 123

your winner Leyton Buzzard.

Eddie Castle ( with the Manifesto ) vs L.J.Clearey

LJ Cleary makes his entrance against Eddie Castle of Manifesto

Castle comes out with Grant McIver and Dylan Thorn but no ADM. 50 / 50 start with an exchange of wrist locks until Cleary speeds things up with criss cross runs and a takedown leading to interruption from the manifesto to protect Castle. Castle goes for strikes but Cleary avoids and gets a close 2 count from a diving clothesline, Cleary hits a wonderful butterfly pump handle slam for another 2. Castle fights back and forces Cleary into an exposed turnbuckle, Cleary fights back now and hits Castle with a jumping double knee strike from the second rope 123.

Your winner L.J. Cleary with the manifesto looking lost without ADM.

Theo Doros VS Levi ( with Sweeny )

Levi starts the match with a cutter out of nowhere for a 2 count he then follows up with a fast lariat for another 2 count. Doros angrily goes for Levi’s left leg and knee, he locks in hold after hold and wraps him around the turnbuckle, Doros goes to the top rope but Levi throws him down, he hits a bulldog, float over and springboard on Doros into another bulldog for another 2 count. Doros avoids another top rope manoeuver and hits an evil looking DDT, Levi is back up and hits another top rope cutter for a 2 count, Doros grabs a leg lock on the injured knee and snaps the joint forcing Levi to tap out.

Winner by submission Theo Doros.

Theo Doros Celebrates his victory over Levi

Kasey ( with Molly Spartan ) VS Anastasia ICW womens World Championship Tournament match

Anastasia starts with the power game, Big boots and slaps, until Molly pulls her partner to safety on the outside, Molly continues to distract Anastasia allowing Kasey to hit a big baseball slide to her arm. Kasey throws her back in the ring and stamps and stretches the injured arm 1,2 kickout, Kasey forces Anastasia into the corner and hits multiple strikes 1,2 kickout. Kasey throws her down and hits a brutal knee strike to the back of the head but Anastasia suddenly hits an eat da feet out of nowhere followed up by a snap suplex but takes too long going for the pin, Kasey eats another big boot and gets rag dolled around the ring Anastasia hits Spartan on the outside giving Kasey precious time to get energy for the kickout. Suddenly Kasey hits the ‘ off with her head’ knee strike followed by a huge knee strike 123

Kasey Advances in the ICW Women’s World Championship Tournament

Your winner and progressing in the ICW women’s World Championship Tournament Kasey.

King Killa VS Andy Wild

Wild is coming off his loss to Leighton Buzzard in last week’s 60-minute Iron man match and has a lot to prove here against the tag team specialist King Killa.

And Wild makes entrance for his match against King Killa

Collar and Elbow tie up locks in and is held for two minutes with both men going to their knees on the mat and rolling to the outside without breaking the hold. Finally they break cleanly and walk back into the ring, another collar and elbow this time into a headlock by Andy Wild but Killa fights back with quick punches. They exchange strikes and Killa puts on a wrist lock, he gets slammed but doesn’t release, a monkey flip from Wild but still Killa holds on finally Wild breaks free with big forearms to the head. Killa grabs a hammerlock then three massive lariats on Wild but Wild grabs him in a Belly to Belly suplex 1,2, no a German suplex from Wild 1,2 Killa kicks out and hits an Angle Slam out of nowhere 1,2 Wild kicks out and then grabs a running Killa into a spinning slam, Wild hits a powerbomb climbs the top rope AND THE ROPES BREAK, Wild hits a standing Dad bomb 123

Your Winner Andy Wild

Kez Evans VS Daz Black for the ICW Zero G Championship.

Evans starts with his powerful hits, Black fights back but can’t out power Evans. Evans stands on his head in the corner but Black fights back with forearms, a back body drop and a huge jaw level dropkick 1,2 Black throws Evans into the corner and hits a high cross body slash he goes for the same move again but gets caught in a belly to belly suplex 1,2 then Evans pulls him to the rope and chokes Black, this leads to a big exchange in the middle of the ring culminating in Black hitting an uppercut and a pele kick in the corner, then a running shooting star press but Evans gets his knees up. Evans rolls to the outside, Black follows and gets dropped across the guard rail. Black tries to fight back but Evans is too strong, Evans throws black into the ring and then gets hit with a Deadlift back German suplex from Black Evans fights back with an insiguri and a double elbow drop from the second rope for a close 2 count, Evans stomps all over Black then climbs the ropes again. This time Black is back up and hits a hurricanrana, Black hooks the leg and gets another close 2 count, Evans fights back with smashing forearms and then throws Black into the referee who drops down out cold. Evans hits a low blow then the Kez Dispenser Pile driver but there’s no ref to count, finally the ref counts 1……2……. Black kicks out from the slow count. Evans grabs the referee and knocks him out again. Evans goes for the Blood Clot Clutch but Black low blows him in return then hits a running curb stomp but there’s still no referee, in runs a new ref 1.2. kick out. Black takes a minute to catch his breath climbs to the top rope, but Evans follows him and hits another belly to belly but this time off the top rope. Black kicks out at two and Evans can’t believe it & goes to the outside to get the Zero G championship belt, Black ducks a belt shot, hits a superkick then a curb stomp onto the belt 123 NEW CHAMP!!

An emotional Daz Black celebrates his Zero G Championship Vicotry

Your Winner and NEW ICW Zero G Champion Daz Black

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Written By Daniel Allen

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